Shanghai Longfeng domestic status of how easy it is to get ranking


small house sun do a blog called Shanghai dragon, is actually a very simple thing. It may be because it is too simple, in recent years a lot of people do into the ranks of the station, causing some traffic had been looted a few empty words, to make simple things seem very difficult. I think for a long time, if you write out my opinions, there might be a lot of people greeting, but finally I still want to write. For example, in a runway of 10 players for the game, take the first chance is 1/10. Then in the 100 marathon, there will also be difficult to improve as can be imagined. Is such a simple truth, although be the most changeful form, the nature or purpose of the same.

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to love Shanghai search engine as an example, you need to know is just how he included our website, then how to finally how to sort search results in screening,? Although the search engine algorithm has hundreds of factors in the two years ago (if the fear do not stop). According to the careful assumptions, bold confirmation principle to understand about it, this is not too difficult.

(1) from the perspective of



this is the old topic, many people only know the good title, keywords, description set up on the site, the chain will finally do a lot of Everything will be fine.. But the existing search engines continue to improve, has begun to move forward intelligently, and continuous improvement…… We must in the old method as the foundation to improve.

there are a lot of real master are unknown to the public, muffled fortune, but now the network was born a lot of Shanghai dragon training class, there are also many self styled expert level character, in fact, many people are fooled. It is just their packaging, then put the network ready tutorial copy, even a successful case to have people everywhere to charge. Many people are not from the scientific point of view to understand the search engine ranking rules. And the ranking of a website is reduced, loudly to scold is artificial intervention (actually a meteorite, severe Award) to blame all. In fact, Shanghai dragon really is not complicated, as long as the following three steps to get, is a matter of ranking.

many experts love to search engine when the adult saw it, he is a machine (with you in front of the computer is not what difference). Don’t put the search engine when it is one thing, but not to put the search engine as your God worship. You need to have a normal state of mind, as usual to eat and sleep only to do is daily maintenance work, increase the site’s exposure.

next time continue to explain how I starting from the search engine to do the angle of Shanghai dragon, and >

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