See how to do the optimization algorithm from the noble baby penguin update

penguins algorithm


I remember in 2010, I entered the Shanghai dragon industry, like most Shanghai dragon, I also start from the outside of the chain, but do English Shanghai Longfeng chain, the time that I remember, at that time our company is a trading company, and our company do stand group, a site two weeks do three words or so, is very fast, and very soon K, may we all know is the black hat tactics. K was also very calm, immediately copy a station, do a 301 redirect, then took the hair of the chain, the main is to send the chain blog every day, constantly false original article chain. I said a few colleagues arrived in Shenzhen this year and the previous company, how to talk, buddy at the trading company? He said, not to mention ah, now baby nobility is done, since last year the penguin algorithm, the method we mengfa blog soft outside the chain is not feasible, too the article are not included, rankings do not.

the United States time on Tuesday April 24, 2012, Google launched a new algorithm to update the program, codenamed "Penguin Update". Penguin, literally translated as the penguin, is to adjust the new algorithm after Google following the February 24, 2011 release of "Panda" launched again. The target that by means of improving over Shanghai dragon website, intended to drop right those who filled with ads. Subsequently, Google is expected to start in late April to punish "excessive optimization" website ranking, and encourage those who use white hat optimization technology engineer.

Penguin algorithm

goole launched last year to do a lot of English Shanghai Longfeng friends and in May this year, be at a loss what to do, and to update the noble baby penguin, then love Shanghai also launched the original Mars program, a webmaster to laugh, love of Shanghai is to follow the pace of the noble baby go. These days, heard friends say, noble baby penguin will upgrade, in May this year just 2 Penguin edition, Penguin appeared in algorithm 3 and algorithm 5 may then penguin. The owners how to deal with the search engine algorithm changing? Take Google Penguin upgrade it, first talk about penguins algorithm generation and update time.

from the company after 2012 June, I will do is to optimize the Chinese website, for the love of Shanghai, so the baby didn’t have a noble algorithm to understand. But in March of this year, our company boss said, English website to do a few, in English you optimize your site to do the Shanghai dragon. In March to make a stand, using the original method, a month, not what ranking, I realized that the method is wrong, so I re made a stand, another way to do it, you may have a friend who would.

the United States on May 22, 2013, Google launched a version of "Penguin 2 upgrade algorithm update scheme".

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