Experience and optimization of website optimization direction


optimization of the site, you can often see some knowledge is constantly repeated, and practical skills are less. Is not to say that by a large number of repeated knowledge is not important, on the contrary, repeated knowledge is the most important core. Not the old owners don’t want their own experience and skills announced, search engine was constantly updated, the algorithm is also in constant adjustment. Experience and skills of the old owners may change after the search engine to mislead some novice. But the novice generally has a strong innovative thinking, too much to the novice instill experience and skills is likely to stifle the thinking.

Since I began to learn

site the optimization is simple, construction updates and links to web site is to see the parents. Website update you know need the original, and the release time of need. My approach is to start work early in the morning, spend half an hour looking for updated content, is not easy to find resources, is careful to read the contents of your interest. Then spend about one hour to edit and update the content, take you to read the views and opinions and combine the data editor, so you get a piece of original content, the content must be high quality, because it is you of one thing of insight and understanding, in your thinking at the same time, also expressed your views. If you edit the content very satisfied, so you can also let the content sent to large sites such as A5, owners and other large sites, may be able to help you increase the number of the chain.

optimization, web site optimization is to do the site has been optimized, content for the website construction, and do not know too much, can only introduce about the. Next is I in the construction site maintenance experience, we hope to help.

here I will talk about my skills, website optimization according to the division of time, can be divided into optimization of website construction and post optimization. Here is the website construction optimization refers to the site within the chain code optimization, layout, site layout rationality, hierarchy is clear and so on in the construction site should be considered when optimizing. It is not to say that the late can not be changed, only in the late changes, may have a certain impact on the ranking and weight optimization considering the needs of these is the construction site.

for the construction of the link, can be said to be a part of the website optimization is simple and complex. He said, is to link the principle is very simple, how to publish these data is also very simple, online check can know. But this is only the basic knowledge as a webmaster, you should learn to how to build efficient links, this is a real work station. The efficiency here refers not just the number of links. "

is not to say that the experience and skills of the old owners will mislead the novice, experience and skills of the old webmaster can serve as a production center, to provide a development direction for the novice.

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