Analysis of foreign trade enterprises how to make Shanghai Longfeng station optimization

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2 site, to write the original article, the contents of the article try to learn the original articles, the original content is very important for the search engines, and readability of the content for users is also very effective to increase the original content of the site, not only can increase the site collected can also increase the weight of search engine.


6 site link exchange, and other related sites to exchange links, this is the best strategy, if you are worried about the competition pressure is too large, then you can consider many aspects of the use of blog, forum to establish a link, a lot of people to increase the chain through the IBO keep standing strategy, this is not a kind of way, but not directly effect the exchange Links to more quickly.

Shanghai dragon

3 site, a lot of people doing the keywords, easy to make this mistake, pay attention to the site search keywords, relatively high in fact, these words to everyone this kind of key words is not easy to do, it is not easy to do well in the choice of key words, if it is popular keywords if you need to consider the non popular long tail keywords to do, it is easier to improve website ranking.

1, web design, website is crucial to the home, it’s not just the website front, but also related to the user experience, in the design of web page, recommend to add products in the section of the page, the introduction of the product pages, and related products section, which can greatly reduce the rate of jump out of the site that not only allows users to quickly understand your products, this is also conducive to search engine included your site.

4, website optimization, this is a lot of people ignored, the enterprise site in the picture is indispensable, which add ALT tag optimization, will increase the probability of search engines, when doing a ALT label, the contents should be as far as possible are not the same, because the content and avoid repetition created in search engine not included, pictures and text is a good model.

5, website space purchase, foreign trade enterprise site, suggested the use of foreign host, it can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, suggestions like ixwebhosting have Chinese station 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝 host, they also have Chinese customer service, the customer service purchase process do not have to worry about, in addition to a foreign host HostEase also has Chinese station and Chinese customer service.

optimization is very important for the website, the website at the beginning of the construction, in addition to considering whether there is a reasonable web design structure, but less JavaScript and Flash, but also careful not to use Frame and iframe frame structure, good website structure, can let the site better, in the optimization of the website, should pay attention to these.


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