Fish the right reason analysis and solution reduced supply network

station on the line 2 months have never cheated on a Shanghai Dragon (100% guaranteed), so the reasons are excluded. No large drop off the chain, the chain is still relatively stable after all do. Also today near the end of the month, so love Shanghai may be updated or adjust the algorithm according to right down there is a certain possibility. Then recently because the server open speed is poor, especially at night, if so, be right down is understandable. This seemingly excessive optimization is unlikely, because I’ve always been a "uniform" website optimization, after all, the stability is the most important! A few days before the exchange of two Links, one of which is new, the weight is not high, it involved I drop right is possible.

good afternoon, I am the master fish in yesterday’s article, "experience and lessons" operating supply websites for two months and I share the station on the line two months to get the weight of relatively good joy. Unexpectedly, this morning to check your weight, I found one of the keywords ranking has declined. Although only a small drop right, but still attracted my attention. Well, today is to share a fish analysis and the way to deal with yourself for the weight of micro drop reasons to everyone, hope this is also the weight of the

love Shanghai using the new algorithm to calculate the weight and website ranking position and the cause of weight decline is also very common, but we met this situation do not worry, as long as you follow the original site update time and frequency of updates to maintain your station, general >

3: love Shanghai update algorithm leads to decline in the rankings

site is down right, because usually are relatively simple, such as: Links site of his involvement was down the right search engine was used to adjust the algorithm, the website chain most fall, excessive optimization, website cheating, web server speed. Well, here I will analyze.

2: slow down the right

Because brothers help!The

1: Links down the right

The Because by site access speed solution!

connect to each other down the right site caused by their website in the fall of right is one of the most common reason, in fact, this is a very good one problem, as long as we get rid of the link can be right down the site, usually in a few days back naturally website weight.

this analysis is clear, the reason is right down the locked in: Links, love Shanghai update algorithm and web access speed is too slow for the three point, we have to think about the next


because the server causes the right down, more difficult, because the only way to solve this problem is to replace the server, once the server IP address new replacement should be replaced, so that the website is not good, so if the problem is not, as long as the space can give a good solution, it is not necessary to replace the

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