Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform new line outside the chain of tools beta version of the announcemen

3, link your website with links to URL and locating text statistics

2, link to the information statistics check website domain

sites are then tested, then click "Webmaster Tools" – "outside the chain of tools", you can see the total number of the chain need to query the site in the page.

1, the chain number query function

in the link to your site’s domain page, domain name query with URL click on the link in the list, you can open the link with the URL information page, each domain will be given up to 100 with the chain of information, and support data download.

4, website page information is

is pleased to inform you that love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain tool beta version officially launched today. According to our previous research needs, found the site administrator foreign chain tools are in high demand, love Shanghai web search launched for the first time outside the chain of tools, provide a link to the website of the domain, the domain link URL detailed information and search website is the link to more information page display and download function.

tool chain

Two, how to use the

2, the tool will follow functional upgrades, welcome to submit feedback in tools upgrade recommendations solicitation activities.


1, Shanghai launched the first love outside the chain of tools, real chain for webmasters to provide their own website in love in Shanghai, the better for the construction of the chain website provides reference data.

This tool highlights:

, a chain tool function


site after verification, click "Webmaster Tools" – "outside the chain of tools", arrived outside the chain of tools page, in the selection of the site need to query the upper right corner of the page, you can view the link to your site’s domain, statistics the number of web pages and links to each domain links, and support data download. Outside the chain of tools beta version currently can display the most links to the primary domain of Top40 statistics.


site after verification, click "Webmaster Tools" – "outside the chain of tools" – "linked" ", can be in the page to view the links page and the number of links your website is. In the beta version, the linked page will be displayed according to the first 100 times the height of the link.

  station network October 30th news, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform today launched a new version of beta tool chain, the following is the content of the announcement on the official platform of new version of love Shanghai.

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