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usually have optimal people speak website is content is king, the chain for the emperor. In fact, this sentence is not wrong. If this can do so is very good, can make a website up and get a good flow. But, only better, not the best, this is not the best way to absolute. If more sophisticated website layout words that will make the website ranking, flow rate and conversion rate over a matter.

finished layout found some sites as well as a place where there is no use, the lower right corner of the site, is the most easily overlooked place in general. This time someone love put some industry things, actually do it on the website of the ranking didn’t help much, he will reduce the correlation between the site keywords, the search engine will think you are not related to the punishment on the website. The user will think you are not professional, will consider your services, professional products, will also be considered. No matter from the whole or local sites should consider the relationship with the key words.

is convenient for the user to allow the user to enter the site for the first time to find what you want. Sometimes need to be festival, when the site to make the corresponding activities to the convenience of users, allowing users to open the first glance to see what you want, for example: 3.8 women’s Day is coming, if the web site you can do this in to the website now to change for small, with the 302 temporary redirect 3.8 women’s Day activities on the site of the upper left corner. It is convenient for the user to first find what they want.

a few days ago I wrote an article "the stone Ji: Interpretation of the secret behind the" love Shanghai snapshot told us how to see the snapshot information, it is also a key secret, because Shanghai will be conducive to the segmentation principle of love can not be divided into key words in different colors in the snapshot, at the same time in the web site keywords where there are colors, we can see the convenient layout keywords from here, the general target keywords layout in the upper left corner of the site, a conspicuous place. The user’s browsing habits from left to right, from top to bottom. When we layout keywords should also be like this layout.

3. websites and all things do not

1. target keywords optimization method


2. navigation as much as possible for the sake of users


4. user

web site to the user’s mind to the layout, general users into the site will find what we will provide the corresponding things to him. I like go shopping in a store at a glance, panoramic view. Things neatly, what the customer wants to choose their own. Our website should be like this, finishing a good website content, the navigation bar is written, then finished the classification according to the needs of users in order to put up. The user’s convenience but also in enhancing the user experience of the website.

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