Shanghai Longfeng data analysis report how to write

again is the use of statistical tools > remember website

Records website, there is a clear advantage is that those pages themselves were not included, convenient arrangement of network promotion personnel to run the chain, let the site included rate improved.

data analysis report the data mainly from the owners of Shanghai Longfeng tools and statistical tools, analysis of their site data and main competitor data. Analysis of website domain name, server, keywords, flow rate, bounce rate, PV, UV, IP, included quantity, included rate, the number of the chain, the chain, here I will talk about in their daily work is to record.

is the first basic data information by Shanghai dragon query tool to understand the website, believe each Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have a check of Shanghai Longfeng data used here, small series suggest that build a table of related data records every week, such as the number of keyword index, included, ranking the main keywords. The number of the chain, do not think that these data can be found every day do not need to record. These data can be accumulated in the long time development since the reflection of a website for a period of time, can let the webmaster know whether their job is a success, the next focus where.


is included in the site record, Shanghai Longfeng personnel as a site, the number, the actual page must be clear the site only in this way, you can know the number of love Shanghai included is not normal, many webmaster see the website is a collection of hundreds of thousands of pages will be very happy, but they the net station of its own doesn’t have so many pages, the site has a lot of pages are repeat included. So why would lead to the consideration of this occurrence is Shanghai dragon.

today is May 26, 2016, small dragon industry has been engaged in Shanghai for five years. I believe no matter what industry, five years is long enough for one to become experts in the industry, but the Shanghai dragon in this industry is very special, small is the grass-roots origin, every Shanghai dragon knowledge is in a little bit of groping out. So, today Xiaobian also is a Shanghai Longfeng specialist each month for a data analysis report of Shanghai dragon brains. In order to let more new Shanghai dragon can walk a little less detours, especially small share their consolidation in Shanghai Longfeng data analysis process, welcome the God of.

Shanghai dragon The second is the use of

webmaster tools record web traffic and understand the main keywords, website traffic from what keywords, and what kind of keywords, the number of key work next is more of this kind of key words. And to record key click traffic and mobile terminal every day from PC to the end of the keyword click traffic. Now the flow of mobile terminal can have many websites and PC don’t want to end up and down, so you do the mobile end user experience is necessary.

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