Shanghai dragon 20 minutes break Taobao home page puzzle

now this method for the love of Shanghai, has been basically a failure.

before discussing this issue, we look at the operation mechanism of search engine:

then we return to the topic of Taobao Shanghai dragon top.


Shanghai dragon, the original word refers to the search engine optimization, mainly used in the popular search engines, such as love and Shanghai; due to the gradual expansion of the Taobao store, so a Taobao Shanghai dragon is a Taobao people need to think about.

Shanghai dragon, divided into white hat and black hat 2 technology. It is undeniable that the 2 techniques can obtain ranking, but the black hat is a Banded short-sighted behavior. Here you go to Amoy ocean to talk about love Shanghai or noble baby search engine cheat mode.


search engine is to help users quickly and efficiently find the information he needs, enhance the user experience. This way the user only has to stay, something irrelevant that search engine, nature is no way to attract users. So, the major search engines are very valued 2 data: website traffic, online browsing time and depth.

the first question, what is the mechanism of vulnerability.

here, you should understand. As long as the artificial control of this thing, the natural ranking will rise.

we all know, Taobao is actually a search engine, but contains all the shop, or Taobao baby. Is the search engine, it must have its ranking mechanism. A ranking mechanism, it must mean that there are loopholes

site traffic is large enough, to a certain extent that the website Authority received welcome, this website deserved search engine trust; to stay for a long time, browse the site enough depth, indicating excellent content, in the search engine rankings have a great advantage.

is the biggest loophole, Taobao search engine is just a robot, he can only objective analysis of the data, but not subjective to judge the quality of shops.

"Taobao Shanghai dragon first cattle B, 20 minutes on the home page, no matter how competitive keyword!" listen to this propaganda, you are not very fond of him, is not that the original Taobao Shanghai dragon can be easily fun but you are wrong?. This will be for you to solve the puzzle of blue ocean Amoy

so, is such a loophole, cause its existence very big may be deceived.

the fastest 24 hours of love Shanghai ranked first, is the use of such a principle to achieve. Of course, 2012 during a keyword ranking brush up is usually very stable, so there are a large number of people to lose weight and so on health care products through this mode, profit is very great.

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