Site construction and operation note five details enhance user stickiness

details: three small small details and provide more information for the user.

when users come to the site, the vast majority of users demand around the search for information needed to launch, so how to help the user to fast navigation through the site to find the needed information is the first step to enhance user stickiness. In the design of the site navigation, not too fancy and advocated the use of complex design, give users interference and difficulty. The best user experience from the simple but not simple, fresh and clear navigation design style, this navigation bar not only allows users to have a good visual effect, but also can help users quickly find the required content. When users use the navigation bar gradually started, can make it around the site to establish their own habits, and this habit gradually expanded to regularly visit the web surfing habits, so as to cultivate more loyal users.

whether door apartment layout site or forum type website, webmaster needs around the site theme set different columns or columns and column sections, these refinement is to enhance the website friendliness, convenient user use the only way which must be passed. In the setting of the column, need careful consideration, enough to include rich content, rich in adequacy and allows users to feel the content of the website, resulting in the website trust, enhance trust. At the same time, after the end of the columns were examined, as far as possible to reduce repetitive settings, reduce and eliminate the overlap of columns, so as to avoid too redundant columns to the user information caused by overlapping, use confusion and other negative effects.

details: two set detailed, rich and non overlapping columns.

details: site navigation design fresh and clear.

to enhance user stickiness, to start from the friendly degree increase website, through the website design and operation details of the design or improvement, and constantly improve the user experience, let users from initial access to trust and love website, and then transformed into loyal users, become a stable source of access. In addition, enhance user stickiness not only plays an important role in the unity of the old user to attract new users to join the website more typical. As a webmaster, you can start from the following five details, the user stickiness enhanced website.

cannot do without the success of the site search engine optimization, more cannot do without the most fundamental basis of user groups, how to enhance the website and trust of users, enhance the cohesive website use, not only can increase the technical indexes of the site, such as flow, Alexa ranking, more conducive to providing a source of the foundation for profiting, conducive to the user access number and quantity into income, so as to promote a virtuous cycle of the website operation, website success. So, for the user’s attention to the website is a prerequisite for success, to do this will be sure to improve the site attractive for users, to enhance user stickiness.

in order to enhance user stickiness, we must.

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