Web site to do site optimization work form

two, is the network number and included the chain, an optimized website, the website included quantity will have at least a few pages, or even several hundreds of pages included, if included in the site only so few, that greatly optimize the work of the failure. There is the number of the chain, this is the optimization of each ER to the Shanghai white dragon, some friends for a short time and good rankings, ranking will use black chain technology. This is also the embodiment of the website optimization work standards.

, according to incomplete statistics, there are a large number of nearly 500 million people in the number of China users, so you can see the development speed of the network market, so many people began to go on the market network. A lot of companies, even individual shops have to do a website, want to open network marketing to the door, open the door, the website is the first step, the key to the website promotion.

five is the site of the Google PR and Sogou SR, generally took over the website optimization Website Optimization Website after PR and SR, there will be some improvement, if not increased but reduced, it.

four, the website ranking and Chinese website ranking, although this can be done by tools to brush, but this index can also become one of the indicators of whether the site optimization.

, is the site keywords ranking position, if one by our professional operation, if customers with multiple keywords, not one in Shanghai or the Google home page, you can only say that is a failure of the site optimization.

three is the site of the flow, for the enterprise website, the flow does not mean that is optimized, more important index is trading orders. This time, we should see the authenticity of the flow, the flow from the IP and the bounce rate of flow. Even if the site of the IP number is not increased, the optimization of the website jump out rate is very high the optimization is a failure.

is currently the mainstream website promotion way has two kinds, one kind of "free", a paid! What is "free"? Is the search engine optimization promotion, Forum promotion, QQ group promotion, blog promotion and so on, the charge is PPC, for advertising, viral marketing and so on. Now more and more people accept or first, "free", in fact, for companies, this is not really free, they do not understand because most companies understand, people call for free. So they will give this work some site construction company, or network marketing outsourcing companies, and even personal website optimization studio. In the process of the optimization of the website, customers are often most concerned about is that these words do need to how much ah, about how long it can love Shanghai home or Google home? He often do not care about the process of website optimization, and a website to do website optimization to reflect the work force today? Shanghai dragon will talk about some of the views, their main are:

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