Understand the operating principle of search engines to promote Shanghai dragon realm of thought

2, understand the search engines work can enhance our understanding of


after the pretreatment, the search engine will give the top, general search engines will make a new ranking with a small weekly, once a month with a new high, then every minute being fine tuned, which can effectively reduce the huge data with the new work, reduce the server workload and pressure.

stage three, give the top

1, search engines can be divided into three stages

Shanghai dragon from the macro

, a spider crawling the web pages for information

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun here to search engines three stage chat is very simple, in fact, interested friends can read some authoritative books or materials, such as Google webmaster guidelines, which can in principle more thorough understanding of oneself actually what is the Shanghai dragon. If the Shanghai dragon as an enemy, then in, if the Shanghai dragon as a friend, then you need to understand friends and friends to get along better.

Finally, please retain the original > Although

finally Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Liu Jun suggest that you do know more about doing various owners need to know whether it is technology, code, or the level of literature, Shanghai dragon, or art knowledge, a good webmaster do not need to be a programmer how much or how powerful writer, but a good webmaster must be what can do, what they have done, what are doing well, with comprehensive quality is good webmaster webmaster.

spider crawling the Internet hundreds of millions of data, it is impossible to have the auction calculation immediately. Then a large amount of data to be calculated in time after the corresponding ranking, this process is the pretreatment, so many owners do not see the effect in the process of their site in Shanghai Longfeng abandoned it is a pity, remember, Shanghai dragon requires patience, because you must honestly do their own at the same time, to the search engine the pretreatment time.

is a search engine spider crawling the Internet is a huge information program, here we only need to know the spider is along the HTML link has been crawling down on it, this is also the reason why we should do well in the station anchor text link, let the spider crawling in the station outside the station from the links between pages and pages along the internal site effectively. Link crawling down.

do not study Shanghai dragon search engine algorithm, also do not have to write the calculation way of search engine so complicated, but Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun think to know a little bit about search engine working principle and calculation method can effectively enhance the Shanghai dragon realm, let us in the Shanghai dragon know why it is like this to do so, in order to fundamentally improve the level of Shanghai dragon.

stage two,

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