Love is a Shanghai K station and down right half webmaster heart

Chinese network giants may be used to a certain name to safeguard their own interests, to the name of the 360 network security occupy >

, the Shanghai K station two love causes speculation and love Shanghai with the owners of the communication flow of criticism.

every grassroots webmaster and soul run their own web site, with a burning passion the road of entrepreneurship, their passion and creativity, promote the development of the entire network, fulfilling his promise. In 2012, for the grassroots webmaster, is gray, is helpless and angry. May we borrow the name of the user experience, purify the whole Internet; perhaps we are greedy nature, destroying a grassroots dream; perhaps the monopoly nature of our influence, the fair competition of the market. However, the grassroots webmaster should stick to their own way, go on a firm, constantly adjust the site operation mode, reduce the dependence on the search engine, has its own user base, is bound to fail, but more than the wind. We stand in a row to share love site is Shanghai K station and right down for half a year long aspirations and ideas.

, a website is love Shanghai K station and right down for half a year is rare, silent Speechless.

The operation of the site is


stand in a row since June 28, 2012 was in love with webmaster forum, K sea station, has not recovered but the author included, still adhere to the operation of the site, actively take QQ group promotion, in-depth communication and exchange with the user, build a forum user relationship, carry out various activities with the original user the content of lead, should not have said no user experience. In November 9th, the forum restored included, from love of Shanghai K station to recover after a collection of more than 4 months, and in the four months, the author to unremittingly promote real users and improve the contents of the forum, and actively meet the needs of users, but did not get recognized by the love of Shanghai. What is the user experience, don’t only love the interests of Shanghai, is the largest user experience. The forum included recovery, love Shanghai has been updated every day website snapshot, but absolutely no weight, from November 9th to December 28th, and basically is the past two months, the site still no signs of recovery weight. Shanghai love the face of this adjustment, it is Speechless and silent, perhaps already numb, perhaps already disappointed, may give up, no longer love Shanghai, may become the inevitable choice in the webmaster, this is the inevitable result of market monopoly, or reflect the profit of the Internet and China with evil nature. The pursuit of profit is the goal of the website of each of us, but the development of the network, no ground for blame, need the giants should assume social responsibility, to reshape the social image and the healthy development of network maintenance. In this paper, the author writing, search the site name stand in a row, still can not find the station a row of webmaster forums, waiting only. Figure:

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