After the site updated love Shanghai hit the turn

updates through this website not only see this on the one hand, there are many aspects. He is like you did something wrong, resulting in a part of the loss, when an error occurs when we want to do is that? The reason is just to complain or complain about the company? Colleagues do not complain about their work? Or is the condition is not good? If you think you will never find the cause of the error, you know do wrong is oneself. The same site do is their own website, we should from their own or their own website to find the reasons. In order to identify fault for problem solving. This is why I put this one in the first place, because of work and life deeply reflect on their own, no matter what time to be in the first place.

website updated every day is commonplace, we only update the content may not necessarily be included in search engines. How to be included? I think the answer is that we all know, update of high quality original articles, this thing is definitely a few words to say about, but do it who has done? Update original content for some industries or small companies may not be realistic. As for decoration companies, securities companies, medical industry and so on, editing staff here who really have done these things, who can truly write original content. So, I said here that the check is about equal, repeatability, did not change the title of the complex, not false original update.

also is the site of the internal links in the chain, now I according to some situation in the company I encountered, I simply.

check the content and chain

yesterday evening love Shanghai carried out an update, I want to have many webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er some cry, some laugh ah! In this update is part of the site included the chain is greatly reduced, for example, we decorate the first nets before the chain is more than 40000, and the update after the chain fell to more than 10000. There are some websites increased, such as my friend’s website, from Erwanduoyi under up to tens of thousands of the chain. In the face of such a change would you think of what? I will have the following thinking for me:

I mentioned here is to analyze whether the external web link problems. May be in order to increase the chain in our ranking time, will send the chain through some tools, sell some links, or send some related links, I think that as long as we have done in Shanghai Longfeng people should help. So, we should analyze whether our website for these problems, or our website is being hung up the black chain etc.. The periphery of a website is really too much. We may for a moment analysis without end, but we may pick up some of the important aspects of check. In order to quickly find out the reasons, hoping for the loss of the site to a minimum.

followed by the analysis of peripheral reasonThe peripheral I think first

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