How to accurately estimate the flow rate of the keywords

, excluding the brush was suspected of

two, combined with a variety of tools: about numerical comparison of


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brush love Shanghai index can only deceive some data. In many tools, still can show the prototype, as long as good at using a variety of keyword query tool, also can be estimated very well.

is the first search volume of love Shanghai for the background can check keywords, this value actually than the love of Shanghai index to be accurate, but it is not very accurate, if there is a cast love Shanghai auction, bidding Shanghai with love test should be the most accurate, but the cost is too high. The second is the Google keyword tool, Google keyword tool is generally more accurate. But because Google and love flow gap between Shanghai is too large, check out the data to do a multiplication. If you have done related industry site, according to web site traffic sources between Google and Shanghai love calculation flow ratio, and then through the Google keyword data to calculate the flow of keywords love Shanghai. In addition to these tools, there are some very good tool, through which we can find not only the information, but also more abundant data as a reference. You can find a need.


Shanghai index query keywords with love. Then in Shanghai the value of the index table below, the time to pull longer before the position. So we can see the change in recent years keyword index. Not as long as the new popular keywords, normal words should not fall too exaggerated. As long as the change radically during a certain period of time, the word is the brush the suspect is very large. Generally the peak value of the estimated smooth removed, relatively close to the original index.

three, by ranking web aided estimation

website, usually to do a keyword flow estimation. Which is usually used for the reference value of the Shanghai index is love. But the webmaster webmaster will know love index index in Shanghai with the actual flow is too far. Sometimes a 10000 word index to rank first, no one thousand of the traffic. The Shanghai government has also officially explained love love does not mean that the search volume index in Shanghai. But with the emergence of various third party "love Shanghai weight", more and more people love Shanghai brush index, which caused the high false data. How to judge the key flow about


data is data, there is a gap too much. The above has been able to know about the estimation of the number of. Only through the keyword ranking before a few sites, you can probably estimate more accurate numbers. Although according to various different keyword ranking ranking click varies, but for most of the keywords, click in the first row are often accounted for over seventy percent of the number of search. >

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