360 Once on the line love Shanghai encyclopedia editor increase the difficulty

, thank you!

before, in an article about 360 A5 webmaster see online encyclopedia on-line content, this news, I can’t wait to try, the result is very pessimistic, how do you say, for browsing users, this way is the best, but for those of us in Shanghai Longfeng station who don’t take too much time spent in the 360 encyclopedia.

from the Jilin moving company www.jlsflm贵族宝贝 carefully written, A5 first, please indicate the original



because in your mind digging, painstakingly edited a very valuable encyclopedia, just want to leave a little bit of the source address in the reference, is not, through the audit will directly delete these links, so a source of trace will not leave you, the most willing to give 360 volunteer.

as I think, it’s better to edit the love Shanghai encyclopedia, at the bottom can also leave a reference, but I never thought that love Shanghai, the editor of the Encyclopedia also increased the difficulty, is editor of the Encyclopedia of Master to reach more than 4.


this is really astounding ah, have to say, we have more of a task is to cultivate love account, Shanghai is increasingly relied on these dedicated stationmaster friends, if you like the past, to coax, chain do many, but each value is not very high time has passed, we can simply classify the chain pick out a few valuable, then do the undivided attention, whether editing or release to the user experience as a benchmark, and then search engine friendliness. There is concern about the products love Shanghai, our development path for these products concern, I want to always never wrong, love to keep up with the pace of Shanghai, Shanghai will not believe in love to have left us far away.

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