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to this day, the lyrics and the scene are still alive in his mind. At that time, laugh at the world arena, a longitudinal Chu a generation of taiwanese. It was only Tong Shihao who had never thought of himself after three years, and now he was on the road of wandering alone in a foreign land. 14 years in Taiwan, 16 years in the United States, 4 years in Hongkong and Singapore, 8 years in the mainland – the tortuous journey that began in Asia and ended in Asia, has accomplished him today.

he has participated in the creation of the Dragon state logistics, express delivery, speed express and Dragon letter logistics and other four express logistics company. Geek fast delivery has been founded by Liu Qiang fifth courier companies, this time, his entrepreneurial direction is the city cold chain logistics.

business failure is not lost: the Internet has the opportunity to

at the same time, U.S. stocks began to fall across the board, is about to collapse, down to the bottom. The accumulation of a century of Carnival and dreams had been broken, foam instant will be required to have. "When stocks began to fall, companies that were interested in you began to lose interest, and the traditional industry had some illusions about the internet." Tong Shihao says.

in the back to the mainland, Tong Shihao served in the 7 years, Qiming, he has led the investment millet, where customers and a car rental hi star enterprise. In October 2013, children Shihao to span in both China and the U.S. GGV capital GGV partners, attention to entrepreneurial companies and domestic Silicon Valley, try to copy foreign mode of reverse Chinese.

Ji Yuan capital partner Tong Shihao

among them, logistics nodes and trunk design affect the whole logistics cost and efficiency. Send the geek distributed storage mode, the goods from the factory, the first will be sent to the warehouse after sorting, sorting by warehouse delivery to the warehouse pre distribution outlets, and finally by the end of the logistics distribution to consumers. The sorting warehouse with 0~5 and 18 degree multiple refrigeration, hotlinked temperature zone, independent of each other, with pre storage cold chain facilities.

at the time, he ran an electric company called Asia2B, and a group of aspiring young people who wanted to change the world with their ideas, but reality was a big hit. Although the company has spent a lot of money, it is trying to find a business model

, fast development of the city to send geek F2C mode: constant temperature cold chain to open up businesses end city factories or city warehouse, shipped directly from the factory or warehouse, down deep in the last kilometer of cold chain logistics, implemented by the city with factory direct users, direct series from the B end and C end consumer businesses factory.

if the Han Wang

Liu Qiang is a more than 20 year old courier veteran.



not only has a low level of development, but also faces uneven development of urban cold chain. Liu Qiang believes that the current cold chain transportation on the market is mainly based on to B business, less to C business. From the type of view, in addition to SF, Jingdong such as logistics giants began exploring the outer system establishment, cold chain logistics and other basic can be divided into two categories: one is the merchant self logistics, is a place of cold chain logistics. The merchant faced self built logistics cost is high, the cycle is long, the lack of expertise and professional talent scarcity dilemma; local cold chain logistics are often based on a single city, the network can not be formed, it is difficult to service national brand.

iResearch data show that in 2016, China’s local living O2O industry market size reached 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan. It involves cold chain transportation, such as vegetables, fresh vegetables, cakes, flowers, drinks, special medicine and so on. It is predicted that the market will exceed 150 billion.


"ocean wash my mind, and I was gone….. Qianshan not with me alone." When the sunset on the streets of Taipei, 10 year old Tong Shihao and buddy walking in the crowd, like singing loudly self-assured or supercilious, that he had a clear and free, without feeling full in my heart. They sang drunkenly, a little sun light convergence, the last hint of unbridled shine in their face.

November 2014, geeks rushed to set up in Shanghai, focusing on providing the city O2O with constant temperature transportation, warehousing and distribution, has opened the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other four cities. The project is currently ongoing A round of financing, by Zhuo brand capital investment advisory professional under the small table runner served as the exclusive financial advisor.

terminal logistics is also an important part of cold chain distribution. Many cold chains are delivered by placing frozen mineral water in the distribution box, and then covered with a quilt or covered with foam

however, there is still a clear gap between China’s cold chain development and developed countries. Data show that China’s total number of cold chain vehicles is only 1/3 of the United States, the per capita capacity of cold storage is 1/5 of the United states.

on 70s last century, Taiwan, the era of Jiang Jingguo debt, "ten years of construction" stage, Taiwan economy began to take off. After experiencing repression and silence in 60s, Taiwanese came to the golden age of ideology and culture, and respected the spirit of freedom. Tong Shihao’s invasion which he sang, is the 79 edition of "Chu Liuxiang" theme song.

March 2000, Singapore, a late morning, Tong Shihao sitting alone at home, a lamp, a laptop and a not yet completed PPT. 70 employees bear the pressure to survive, his sleepless, lost, helpless, throw the helve after the hatchet. As soon as daylight comes, he will walk into the conference room and negotiate with Singapore Telecom, Philippines Telecom and Thailand Telecom to sell his company at a reasonable price.

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