The three big P that entrepreneurs must focus on domain names trademarks and patentsKobe official

search, APP, H5 pages, and two-dimensional codes has not allowed the domain name to depreciate, and as the domain name becomes part of LOGO, its acquisition costs are growing. Music as announced in January 22, 2016 will launch a new domain name le and new LOGO, this value of tens of millions of dollars of domain names, is considered more in line with the music as ecological strategy. In addition, the Jingdong to 30 million yuan to buy the JD domain name still in use; the domain name mi at $3 million 600 thousand millet; the Qihoo 360 of the domain name suffix replaced by to 360 for $17 million. As can be seen, the valuation of domain name IP depends on the level of buyer’s demand.

was 32 years old, he became the youngest listed company in American history, CEO, the CEO of the listed company Web and the listed company Interland. He was also the founder and CEO of several companies, such as Applied, Cognition, Labs, WorldWide, MediaWorks, SeaVista, Development, Simpi, and so on. At the same time he was a scientist, New York Times, best-selling author, and vice president of the company its stock analysis.

: Bryant Stibel part of the investment project, source Anglelist

basketball star avocation is common. Jordan before selling shoes, after Nikyan’s expression package, NBA moment does not stop playing.

one, now want to spend a lot of money to use a good domain name, you do not God,

wants to talk about Kobe’s VC career and has to mention his investment fund, Bryant Stibel. Bryan was taken from Kobe’s surname, and Stibel came from his partner, Jeff Stibel. Speaking of the latter, his brilliant deeds were not inferior to Kobe. According to Anglelist data, Jeff Stibel itself has done a lot of private investment, the number reached more than 30, and 6 successful withdrawal, including Alibaba.




The popularity of

today is July 28, 2017, and it’s nearly 1 years since Kobe changed his career as a VC. Today, "hunting cloud gentleman" came and everybody takes stock, this once saw 4 in the morning, Losangeles’s basketball master, whether can rely on "the effort" this strength, rushes into a world in the venture capital circle.

The concept of "

introduction: 15 years ago, Cai Wensheng, a junior high school culture, needed to understand Chinese Pinyin enough to sweep the world.

diagram: left is Bryant Stibel, and right is Kobe

although the fund was officially announced in 16 years, it has actually voted in many projects. 13 years from now, a total of two people participated in the 15 investment, including the The Players Tribune website including sports media, video game developer Scopely LegalZoom, Legal Service Corporation, telemarketing software company RingDNA, Juicero company and domestic juicer.


Kobe and Jeff Stibel two were introduced through friends, then hit it off. In August 22nd, Kobe officially announced the establishment of a $100 million venture capital fund, the main investment areas including technology companies, media and data company, and the company is headquartered in Kobe’s old club Lakers located in Losangeles.

is simple and easy to remember domain name domain name agency is almost occupied, many of the company’s name is only barely enough, the entrepreneur cybersquatting "posture" is: 1 preferred company or project name Pinyin domain name, the domain name.Cn as alternative; 2 Pinyin domain name was registered, back the second, "Pinyin + digital", "+w", "Pinyin Pinyin + English words" combination of registration; 3 pay attention to domain name has been registered.

Kevin Kelly in the "inevitable" mentioned "in the Internet era dawn, when a full of lofty ideals and high aspirations of entrepreneurs, is a wonderful thing, you can get anything you want the domain name, also do not bear any cost. Such a good opportunity lasted for many years." 15 years ago, Cai Wensheng only need to understand the culture of junior high school Chinese pinyin is enough to sweep the world, such as qiyi, jiaju, Qiyi Home Furnishing potato tudou, Baofeng storm comes from his hand, he also had 80% China income bursa city domain. The domain name "king said in an interview with" the investment community "said:" some domain names don’t sell it, it’s really fabulously rich! "The author also noted that the" sense of participation "in the book said, Lei Jun had half fascinated by cybersquatting, often at night to call for take a fancy domain name.


Wu Neng, three steps >

IP" last year’s fire, a lot of people say IP, chatting to pull into a creative, good story how cash up, this is not wearing a vest from the media "? In fact, IP is the" intellectual property rights "referred to as Intellectual Property. Although the fake copycat piracy, It is quite common for large environment, talk about intellectual property is ironic, I was not a foreigner rhetoric brainwashed, but ask yourself, there is no intellectual property IP backing, entrepreneurs how to ensure the success of the struggle?

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