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2010, Liu Nan from the top 500 in the world after pregnancy leave, return to family became stay-at-home mom, she wanted to give the child to pick the best baby products in the world, but in the selection, doubt and anxiety about the quality and safety of products.

from the life pain to find business opportunities in tinsou group teach you three

in Wangzhuan industry, the power of free power is often quite frightening, I believe a lot of people are "free" ate a lot of losses. So today, ambition is so-called "free lunch to talk about the higher in".

says good start is half the battle, and "how to find entrepreneurial opportunities" is a very important problem, but many people are stuck in the same place.

finds entrepreneurship from the point of life pain


Hello, everybody. I’m ambitious. What are the two most attractive words in the world? The answer is "free.". When you hear "free" two words, the heart will be unconsciously excited, and what is so good, actually do not have to spend money will be free to obtain, it is people will heartbeat. But often, the price we pay for "free" is always the most expensive. There is no such thing as a free lunch. That’s what it says.

because of "free" use of the weakness of human nature, so power is often the most scary, the most terrible! Is the same as in Wangzhuan industry, has just joined the ranks of Wangzhuan have 9 people, was cheated in basically 10. To get money, such as what a free chat room, free video and so on, when you give each other time to charge money and beauty video, others in the background provided money and leave you; to go astray, but there are a lot of Wangzhuan project is MLM nature, when you registered others link, have imperceptibly into the people’s assembly line, and I can talk for expedience, and continue in the same way to cheat a person, so…. the most typical often in some forum, see the most eye-catching advertising slogan "free gifts and earn XXX yuan project", the ultimate.

one. Free in front, cheat in the back

unwilling mediocre life, so many people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, but also allow more people to move the heart, began to look into the distance.

in this regard, Zhejiang days search Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as: days search group has something to say. This is in the field of mobile Internet investment, enterprise incubation experience believes that in the process of looking for the answer to this question, may wish to see more people here is how to do, on the basis of previous experience, find their own way.

from the life pain to find business opportunities, teach you three days search group

days search group said:

Liu Nan is a typical entrepreneur who finds entrepreneurial opportunities in his own pain points. To explore entrepreneurial opportunities when perhaps than "I create what the industry", the entrepreneur can ask yourself "of my life, what is the anxiety of any dissatisfaction," if this pain point is universal, but also has the feasibility, then it has the value of entrepreneurship.

realized that this anxiety was common in the conversation with other mothers. Therefore, she relies on her excellent English ability, began to take her mother to study the world’s major electronic business platform mother and child products, and soon become the mother circle of opinion leaders.

when it comes to Wangzhuan in "free lunch", first of all let me think of a professional terminology — all made. What is the "universal" earned? Simply, planners do a project, the project in order to achieve the desired effect, let others help themselves to do something for free, such as what publicity, then make to those responsible for the promotion of certain benefits. For example, someone called to promote their own books, what conditions obtained after what benefits and so on; and then a ten, ten hundred similar and viral marketing effect… However, I think this is actually a kind of deception, just under the banner of "free" slogan to ask someone to help you to your goal, and the so-called "free gifts" to their fundamental and publicity efforts is proportional to. But why the project planning or tested by "all earned", but there are still so many people to help them most willing to do? The answer is free. Free marketing is the use of people’s petty profit psychology, and petty gains are often human weakness, and "all the people earn" just right on this number. When you help others in this propaganda, others early in that look with his money. This is also to Wangzhuan warn people, after all see someone asked you to get free publicity something and the benefits of his people, basically, can make a detour.

two. Free tuition fees

in the eyes of many people, "Honey bud baby" founder Liu Nan covered with "North Curve Wrecker", "10 billion valuation", "the Unicorn CEO" golden label, but looking back to 7 years ago, when she was just an ordinary stay-at-home mom.


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one, honey bud baby, Liu Nan: Sweet bud, sweet responsibility,

, this is an article for people who dream of starting a business.

at the end of 2011, Liu Nan with "sweet bud" as the moral, set up "Honey bud baby" Taobao shop. Two years later, with word of mouth transmission, honey bud baby did four crown, also won Xu Xiaoping angel investment. 2014, honey bud Baby online mall on line. At present, honey bud baby’s valuation is 10 billion.

two, "aunt?" Chai can: "the girlfriend’s pain is my pain!

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