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in his view, 2014 is China’s "first year of entrepreneurship", all industries and fields of talent, all investment funds are felt unprecedented entrepreneurial heat wave, entrepreneurs have come to the front desk.

when I started creating SOOMLA, I didn’t feel it was difficult to raise money. Because in 2008, when I created the first company with others, I was still green in this field. And now I have more experience, and cohesion of a strong team, our business model has been recognized, network resources are not bad. So, I think this round of financing is certainly easy to get.

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the reason is simple: in addition to being angels, they usually have another full-time job for example, CEO in other companies or entrepreneurs who sell start-ups. One of my investors doesn’t even have information on Linkedin. In fact, any manager of a big company can be an angel, but they don’t know it yet.

now, he has published his own financing experience on his personal blog for more people to understand.

reviewed the executive meeting of the State Council this year, and found that reform and innovation are high frequency words. Major reform initiatives have been introduced, demonstrating the two

"this is really a wonderful time."." Real fund founder Xu Xiaoping said.

Li Hui company Mack CRM is a customer information management tool, there are currently 50 thousand corporate customers, including China Construction Bank, Chinese China Mobile such big". This past year, the number of users by over 10 times, the average daily PV over 15 times.

, a young girl who left college last year, will wear a pink woolly hat and go to work wearing sneakers. She will be depressed because she sees the upper limit of her abilities. But her courage is directly proportional to her youth. The reason why she chose to start a business was simple. "We have the strength and the mentality to start a job with just one computer, and this computer already exists — why don’t you start doing it?"

convinces private investors to be different from persuading VC. Most of the angels you face are accomplished, dedicated to building a foundation and helpful. But they do not want to be treated as agents of their own property. When you are in contact with the angels, respect them already

found the angel investor, I felt that the investment negotiation would be the same as usual, but I was wrong again.

"off the public business, grassroots 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of land in the pioneering new wave", the 2014 Summer forum Davos Premier Li Keqiang held in Tianjin said. The Standing Committee of the State Council in December 3rd, he further said, "Chinese to economic transformation and upgrading, to move the high-end, the key is to play Chinese thousands on thousands of wisdom, the" active "fully mobilized."

find the angel: seize every opportunity,

I entered the meeting room, told him, hoping to get his investment because he recently put his company to eBay, the hand should have the funds, but I eat cold-shoulder treatment. He has money, and for tax reasons, if he uses the money for investment, it will be more economical. What’s the problem,


angel investors are very low-key, even little-known.

, 25, stumbled into the wave of entrepreneurship. Fortunately, China is looking forward to this "punch".

contact with angels: give full respect to

raising money has never been easy. Changing all the time. Starting in 2012, getting money has become harder. I soon realized that if I wanted to raise capital for SOOMLA, I had to make some adjustments.

introduction: Yaniv Nizan, author of this article, is an entrepreneur who provides an internal consumption solution for mobile games. He recently completed a round of financing, and found 7 angel investors. But looking back on the financing experience, it wasn’t easy. He had cold-shoulder treatment, do not know how to introduce your company to investors.

, CEO, a start-up company, is seeing the progress of a project in the suburbs of Chengdu this Christmas night, and it’s midnight. This evening, more than 2000 kilometers away, Beijing’s garage coffee can hold more than 130 stations, and a group of young people are still working hard. These young people do not have the concept of "working overtime", nor are they being urged by their bosses. They are their own bosses".

but I was wrong.

young entrepreneurs "niujin"

I found potential investors in some unusual situations: job interviews, swimming, swimming, and even sending my daughter to kindergarten. Sometimes, when the VC introduced me to an angel, I found that I had met him before, but I didn’t know he was an angel investor at the time.


original title: 2014: China grassroots entrepreneurship era coming,

this year, Li Hui and countless entrepreneurs feel a change, it is a growing entrepreneurial atmosphere, which is a ubiquitous call for young people.

"fearless" and the "strong" young entrepreneurs is China need. "China has to rely on the new stage of innovation driven development, and its thirst for innovation has never been more urgent," said Bai Yan, deputy director of the Economic Bureau of the CPC Central Committee’s policy research office.

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