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Mo Yan said that in the next 40 years, what changes will happen China, who can imagine, even 1/1000, will also take the lead. "Change is the opportunity, the more changes, more opportunities, I hope the students to seize the opportunity, and, not only have the lofty ambition, but also realistic, dare to be the first person to eat crabs, but also to prevent food poisoning". He encouraged graduates to be "people who think they’re nothing but people who think you’re really something."."

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when writer Mo Yan and entrepreneur Jack Ma "meet", what kind of spark will be wiped out?

Li Jiacheng said, self-discipline is perseverance will prevail. will work. Everyone who wants to be a great dancer

, a winner of the Nobel prize for literature, is one of the richest Chinese people. On the morning of June 27th, Mo Yan and Li Jiacheng attended the graduation ceremony of Shantou University and delivered a speech. In his speech, Mo Yan Jieduan Ma and Bill · Gates said that "the God level figures in the academic and the beginning of the beginning, is really not what the big deal. Ma Yun even had three times to three times the entrance exam." But there are paths to success. Li Jiacheng said in his speech "in the high growth opportunities in the waves, the fool saw the stone, the wise see spring", understand the "good choice" is the guarantee to build their own destiny, "the way dint, rely on to break through".

we can’t all be Ma and Bill ·, Gates, but they’re not without weaknesses. Mo Yan said, "facts have proved that Ma and Bill, ·, Gates such a success model, such a great God class character, at the beginning of their studies and entrepreneurship at the beginning, it is really nothing. But they have become great people with persistent efforts and the good fortune of the times."

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Mo Yan also said that all of the students did not like Ma three times and three times the entrance exam of the tragic experience, Graduate cattle over Bill · Gates.

Li Jiacheng is feeling in his speech: "I am 90 years old next year, also know that life One aims for the far-off future., I was young, Youth passes as a fleeting wave.; going through difficulties and trials, I deeply know the growth of the road is not very easy; in the high growth opportunities in the waves, the fool saw the stone, the wise see spring." "Knowing" good choice "is the guarantee to build your own destiny."


in June 27th, Mo Yan delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony of Shantou University. During the period of "the great Mo Yan" around this topic speech, and Ma and Bill Gates, said the two God level figures in the academic at the beginning there are also many shortcomings, such as "Ma three times and three times the entrance exam tragic experience". And in the graduation ceremony, Li Jiacheng himself also arrived at the scene, and laughed down on the floor.

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