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after open to suspend receiving mail function, a style like yellow banner tips Gmail design will appear on the top of the inbox, which said: "your inbox is currently paused to receive new mail. Please click "UNPAUSE" button to view the blue, the next step."


too many emails, stand it? Never mind, a named Inbox Pause Gmail/Chrome plugin can help you solve this problem.

Inbox Pause: http://s.inboxpause/

new email will be saved in a folder that you cannot see the secret, wait until you have time and mood, you can cancel this function, to deal with the new mail.

Inbox Pause plugin currently only supports Chrome. Iyer said, sometimes, we should first temporarily away from email disturb, easy for a while."

compiled from Business Insider.


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2007, September

Inbox Pause Baydin Inc plugin by software vendors Iyer · Aye Moah mo’a development, as the name suggests, it can make you stop accepting new mail inbox. As long as the installation of the plug-in, plug-in and click on the "Pause" button, the inbox will no longer appear new mail.

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addition, upon receipt of new mail, Inbox Pause plugin to the sender to reply to an email, tell each other their information — did not receive the working mechanism and the depletion of voice mail is similar.

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