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and when the competition between the media and media organizations, because it is a person PK dozens of people, so in the creation of the amount of content, must be a disadvantage. Since the media is highly liberal and creative, it is likely to be superior in quality to media organizations. Of course, it’s just possible.

is "single point concentration" on WeChat". In micro-blog, what is more is "multi-point width and average concentration"". Why is micro-blog more than "multi-point"?". Because the number of information on micro-blog unlimited, so there is always as much as possible to send more information to power, to seize the page header and as much as possible user time. So, a lot of media organizations have an advantage, but only one or two people from the media in the number is lost.


this period of time from the media has been widely discussed. What is the self media? Each has its own saying. Generally speaking, build a WeChat public number, attract thousands of fans, and then send a few articles, it will be from the media itself. Since the media of entry is very low, since the media circle not mere dragons and fishes jumbled together. This period of time has been widely discussed by the media. What is the self media? Each has its own saying. Generally speaking, build a WeChat public number, attract thousands of fans, and then send a few articles, it will be from the media itself. Since the media of entry is very low, since the media circle not mere dragons and fishes jumbled together. Especially some speculative people booing, smatter in which doping, a bit of a mess. See everyone so enthusiastic about this from the media, I also say.

is easier for a person without integrity, or an organization are more likely to have integrity? I don’t want to argue about this problem. Because it is not important to speak clearly at this point.


, for example, micro-blog is like a plain, and WeChat is like a canyon. Plain battle force equivalence, the enemy lined up, we have lined up, if we only one person, no matter how strong the people, surrounded by dozens of people to each other, and can not be taken into account, it will die. The characteristics of Canyon war is one man out. The enemy number more, can only be arranged in a column forward, we are only a person, but as long as intrepid enough to a kill, can hold the pass.

contact network to make money is a chance, the fourth class is relatively small, relatively ample time, I often play online, this money is wasteful, play more felt that not enough money, and do not want to reach out to the home for money, because there are a lot of time to soak in the Internet every day so, you want to be through the Internet to do something to make money? I would like to find some network part-time job to do, at that time very hard coding, voting and registration, click on these tasks are to meet, but also to earn some money, but with the change of time and energy to do this all day, there is no time to play, the money is well off, but lost my money was just near the graduation thesis, so there is a period of time not to do, put aside wangzhuan.

08 years after graduation in July, we left the school, that year’s employment situation is very serious, a lot of students are not looking for work, I only found a very general work, do a pharmaceutical company logistics management, a monthly salary is only 800. Fortunately, I have a special office computer, we can surf on the Internet, I think to do Wangzhuan, but if you do the part-time job time is certainly not enough, work is relatively busy may not have so much time. I was looking for good Wangzhuan, one day from a forum advertisement to see people selling day to earn 100 yuan project, every day only need to operate a few minutes, I was very excited, and then sell the project consulting, even price is 500, I hesitated, so much money for me is a lot of money, but I can earn 100 or my heart, took me a month’s living expenses are remittances to him, did not think he only gave me some junk, you ignore me. I’m about to explode, was really a bit downhearted, but thought, he can sell the information I can ah, and collected some Wangzhuan tutorial, add some Wangzhuan group, send the advertisement in the group sold tutorial.

the best battleground from the media, of course, is WeChat. Because WeChat is relatively private, and because of this, WeChat has a design different from the open micro-blog: each account can only send a message every day, so as not to disturb the user frequently. This design requires the media to send the best content. Quantity can not be changed, quality is the only determinant.

two, since the media are more likely to have

one, the best battleground from the media is micro-blog or WeChat?


one day I was in the group in advertising, there is a person with me, the group said: "you are so advertising too tired, I have a mass software, mass advertising, can exchange it for you and the Wangzhuan tutorial?" I said: "you can." He watched the process of sending his software remotely and made sure it was real and exchanged with him. Later, he got my guide said: "brother, you call this tutorial? These are a few years ago things, not to mention there is no practical value, even the value of learning is also very small, these things to others, others will call you." I said, "shame on me. I can only collect these resources. There’s nothing better."." He said: "I tell you a good place, donkey color nets, free to download a lot of valuable Wangzhuan tutorial and software." I do not believe what he said, what will this place? I said: "is not a small movie station? Haha!" he said: "really, do not deceive you, my mass software is downloaded from there, you feel all right.

for anything that is intrinsically innovative, don’t overestimate its initial strength, nor underestimate its long-term strength.

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