My sad Taobao RoadLei Jun when 40 years old did not forget the dream of 18 years old go to try

20 days I joined the global Internet Summit in Wuzhen, Ma Yun at the meeting, senior vice president of some Apple Corp, moderator throws a problem, said lei you say you have a goal, with 5 to 10 years to do the smart mobile phone market style global first. I was busy nodding my head, and I did say, he asked the Apple Corp executive, "what do you think?" the executive was also very powerful. He said, "Easy, to, say, hard, to, do." my English was poor, and I understood.

second: don’t be eager for instant success. Don’t think about looking for violent projects every day. There’s nothing for nothing. Even if you really find violence projects, your comprehensive ability is very poor, poor execution, you can do it? So, or go down to do things,

can we run a world-class company like Jobs,

"I own 20 years of work, I suggest to all the students, I think the first, there must be a dream; second, to set the stepbystep’s goals, to formulate the stage goal, don’t worry; third, should pay attention to the importance of the opportunity. Some very smart students feel smart and diligence invincible, actually only intelligence and hard work is not enough, how to grasp the opportunity, how in the correct direction, I think this is very important."

host said Lei Jun what do you think? The moment I was very very embarrassed, I am calm about me at that moment, Ma Yun said the Alibaba listed a word, still have a dream, if achieved it? "My speech level is far no way compared with Ma Yun, Ma Yun appeal and the speech level, I was far behind.

quit my job last April and started wanting to create a world of my own on the internet. I thought I knew everything, but then I found out that I was wrong. I didn’t adjust my attitude until the beginning of this year. Although the person’s income was still low, I believe my income would be higher and higher.

3 years ago, our product was just released, and it took only 3 years. Who?


Media Editor Lei Jun said, "standing in the Taiwan air outlet, pigs are flying."." If you want to succeed, there are three key points: first, you must have a dream; secondly, you should be down-to-earth; finally, you should seize the opportunity. Following is the full text of the speech Lei Jun 21 at the Peking University, via titanium Media Editor:

third: execution must not

because I am a computer technician, I will buy some computer newspapers to have a look. There is a title of the day attracted me, thousand secrets on the internet. Later the look, that is by Taobao customers monthly income of over 10000, that time should be about 10 years, then called Ali mother alliance. I began to find some methods on the network, including Sina blog promotion, we say that Taobao links were blocked by sina. I went directly to other methods and later located on the site. So, on the way to study and do the station, read a lot of tutorials, what CSS, HTML, PHP, ASP and so on a series of tutorials, and finally found that the head is big, because some eager for instant success. So I only know the approximate method. Not fully learned, and time wasted. I found I should get a training to try. Participated in several network training, and then here does not nominate, at that time was precisely the single page trend, therefore started to use the false original to update the article. Send out the chain every day. This time, almost all of the novice will encounter the problem, that is, the chain can not find the address. That’s a little bit like giving up. Later also made some stations, some people were black out. Heart is also a sad ah.


well, I’d like to make a summary of myself, and I hope some novice friends don’t try my problems again.

Ma finished saying this, I added a few words, I said 4 years ago, millet just venture in Zhongguancun, a dozen people, seven or eight guns to do mobile phone, who believe that we can win? The mobile phone industry is the most dangerous places, ahead of Samsung, apple, after Lenovo we see Motorola, HUAWEI, NOKIA die, die, die blackberry, HTC die, recently SONY has to die, the market is extremely competitive. When a normal person thinks of smart phones, he feels that the market is very competitive.

especially I heard that Ma also said that people like him can succeed, 80% Chinese can succeed, we hear everyone excited, he said a few times I failed the college entrance examination, finally on the Hangzhou Normal University, also can not find a job. Ma Yun today qualified to speak this, speak also particularly shock, every one, especially every cock silk are eager to counter attack like Ma Yun.

first: do not put too much energy on the construction of the site, in fact, there are many free procedures can be used, such as WordPress, dedecms, and so on. Templates will not be less. But build a website, this kind of most basic must be meeting. Believe that as long as you have your hands and feet, you can’t fall over them.

the so-called "tall buildings, flat ground", to have a solid foundation will be solid. To know when the first is Wangzhuan, click Wangzhuan, spent $200 to buy a software, that is a day to earn 50, was still very tempted. After that, you can earn 50 yuan a day, but if you want to withdraw money, you have to pull out of the assembly line. That is, let other people spend 200 oceans to show you. Later found fooled, just contact Wangzhuan me, where know how to pull off the assembly line? So it is also the site of lost faith.

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