My first soft Wen was ADMN5 received as the headlines experience summary

soft, a month ago to me is very strange, in April when I was in the official DISCUZ release of DIM, with a development of the list of notes, which I learn PHP, with several published works connected. Although it was a crude and wrong technical proof, the post was 15 pages high. But after 50 days of hard development, the official version after the 8 test version of the posts, because only written technical documents, not to write notes to exchange articles, at present only 2 page reply. It is obvious that a wonderful article has a considerable influence on the reader’s sense of identity.

funny, then I don’t know what is soft text. Later, a fellow who has been SEO has read the article and said, "what a soft article!"". Coincidentally, that day, I first chat with King Wang, and by the way asked him, "what is soft text?"".

I don’t know, I asked the right person, or ask the wrong person, the king did not tell me! Ha ha ha. But soon I got the answer on Soon, I learned that, in addition to the original site to understand the technology, the soft text and promotion is very important. So I figure under the direction of the king, carefully study the various soft text on the admin5.

in the learning process, there has been a very interesting thing, but also strengthened my confidence in learning to write soft wen. In May 17th, have the honor to follow graph king went to Hefei to attend the Anhui stationmaster Congress, at the meeting, learned a lot of things back after wrote a learning experience "5.17 Anhui owners meeting several webmaster giant speech experience". Send to the Admin5 forum. After two days, I found a good interview written by Guo Yi. The first paragraph of the article was not bad with the article I wrote. It startled me. How even the good water is so fierce writing all copy my ah, a closer look, good water this passage is quoted in the big brother space. I go to Guo big space in a look, really still have, put my this article reprinted, but gJj marked is the turn, but the article signature is written, old K, is 17, Anhui Adsense conference one of the organizers. I asked gJj QQ, when he was making the fish toilet Zhejiang fish home (see here), he said that after the meeting he saw the article on the Internet, that is. Write, turn to, also encouraged me to write very well, but at the same time, signed and corrected. Thank you for your advice.

I guess 80% old K also turned this article. In fact, signature is who does not matter, the key is Riga a my new station, domain name did not change on the line, ha ha, this is the essence of soft wen.

this interesting experience, let me have a more profound understanding of the soft text.

summed up, I wrote most of the previous articles are narrative, list, relatively dull. And in admin see a lot of soft Wen, write more special, this kind of soft wen I haven’t tried, just right, yesterday, the inspiration came on

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