Soft Wen title writing skills


title is advertising "eyes" and "soul", especially in the print copy, advertising can attract the audience to read the title, and plays an important role, which directly determines the advertising effect. So, how do you make a good advertising headline,


1, taking advantage of people’s attention to news and the habit of reading news

such advertising headlines are similar to newspaper headlines and introduce products or services in the form of news reports. The facts provided by these titles should be fresh, interesting and desirable to attract the attention of consumers.

2, promises to bring benefits to consumers,

, first of all, is to put forward the consumer’s most desirable and most caring interests and make a responsible commitment. In addition to meeting the material and psychological requirements of consumers, such benefits also include benefits such as affordable, time-saving, safe and convenient. Such as "the K blood care agent (a) installed, do not increase the amount of (Theme)", this let the reader feel the benefits of advertising. The greater the interest promised in such a title, the more likely it will arouse the interest of the consumer, but it should be noted that the promised interest is to be honoured.

3, sincere advice for consumers, suggestions,

such titles actively persuade or strongly suggest that readers do or think about certain things. Such as "lmzgp" suggestions for parents: "don’t let the children lose at the starting line Oh"; "Tang": "to drink hot juice in winter". Suggested titles should be gentle, courteous and respectful in order to urge people to take action. In general, the word "please" and "welcome" are used more often than to use exclamation marks.

4, a clever comparison with similar goods or services

demonstrates its superiority by comparing it with similar goods or services, and enables consumers to have a deep understanding of its unique service. As a product of the K A Well-Known Trademark in China blood agent newspaper ads, the title is very clever: "often imitated, never surpassed". It suggests to readers that similar products often imitate its quality, technology, effectiveness, service, etc., but none of them can surpass it. However, this kind of Title cannot name names, to use the pan than is appropriate, remember: avoid hurting other similar goods.

5, using bragging words to praise the achievements of an enterprise or the advantages of a commodity

generally speaking, this kind of title is mainly used in the consumer trust famous brand products. It has a solid and feasible factual basis, and can enhance the confidence and honor of purchase. If so, the ad for the drug is titled "30 year old, 60 year old heart, 60 year old 30 year old heart", which means the drug is used to treat heart failure and restore it to a strong heart.

6, using vivid metaphor to enhance the image of

uses appropriate and vivid metaphors for expression, and the title will be lively and playful

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