A university student website construction experience


server recently replaced, to go into the site now! Nothing to write my experience of the site! I hope you can give some experience just station network construction and ready to join the people! (I do see Ornament Co.,


I am a student just entered the University, this summer is the end of sophomore, freshman last semester and everyone else is playing, nothing to do for wasting a semester, when winter vacation a friend on the website, the SHOPEX is the shopping site, and was feeling quite fun, he rented a virtual space, the system will not engage in what was his 1 week to finish all the settings (stupid enough), the rest of the time I began to find sources on the Internet, I remember the first time selling things is the South Korean clothing, at the time I was not bad and find the agent, goods shelves, the price of money, do not know how tired, and finally the 200 item upload finished, then propaganda let others know, at that time did not know what is on Baidu search engine optimization, (I Also spent 60 dollars to buy a 10000 flow, that can improve the rank of Baidu did not like what I used) to sell a total of two pieces of clothes, earn 50 dollars, then is the Chinese new year, go to school, no longer do, do online stores have online, I don’t have so much time, then I must preparation of transition make other types of site

and I started the research forum, the first forum I is for the school to do the non official forum, ashamed to say again after a period of time did not stick with it, from the actual plans to get a large site, was too naive, think that they can get a perfect website, then do what all the sites of the carp, are slow, and is likely to die young, finally only to the forum website, ashamed to say this forum was very poor, others to look after don’t know what to look for, and engage in a hodgepodge, in order to attract the gas I started in the PHPWIND forum to help people to do logo and I forgot to say, I is graphic design, I also found a few people and my partner got a DIY studio, spent money on the machine high quoted. This is something I do not say! About nearly 100 LOGO in PHPWIND, are free to do, because of school, I usually do at night, they got up very late, I found that now webmasters are lack of art, I saw this starting now. LOGO net, to help owners free to produce LOGO, know a lot of good webmaster, a webmaster, has just started, a Webmaster Help me do website optimization, the effect is good, second days will be included in Baidu! And it is on the first page (I stand in Baidu "Chinese logo production network"), station 15 days maximum flow rate is pv30000 IP6000, seems to be the reason of the mom, my ads appear on various websites, now every PV fixed in more than 1000, more than 300 in IP. We do logo for webmaster, affectionate connection LOGO, >

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