Tell me how to write a quality article

how to write a quality article, today the colleague and asked this question, to tell the truth, in this matter, I did not do too much, just write a few articles, the effect is good.

1, seasonal factors are primary.

because we are engaged in medical treatment, so in the premise of writing, the first thing to consider is the season, although Baidu search engine is the artificial machine, but not human, it does not understand the changing seasons, it only included, rankings and input to the database. So when we write articles, we have to correspond to seasons and write articles for a season. Such as summer, it must be better hair removal, winter breast augmentation and so on.

For example,

now is the winter, you wrote a lot of hair articles, Baidu included, long tail keywords ranking is also very good, but if you pay attention you will find, through the long tail keywords (where good, Fujian Fuzhou hair removal laser hair removal and how much to) amount is less and less, and came to the business through this according to consulting the user is pitiful. Baidu algorithm is that, through effective Click To determine a long reserved keywords or long tail keywords and ranking keep long in winter this season, you wrote a lot of hair article, originally search this article users less you in asymmetric season writing, search the user less, so that the article will slowly sink, at least in the first 10 pages of Baidu will not leave traces.

2, how to judge which articles are what users need?

read a lot of web writing articles, some articles are very good, some articles are not satisfactory. The article can be divided into two kinds. Guidance and consultation. In fact, consultation and guidance, which I personally set, we do not blame ah, ha ha.

the first to talk about the article: the consulting consulting is actually very common, such as "the British neurologist completely denied the identity of the brain that everybody for a long time", "the daily food can make you eat more young, this title is very common consulting article, this article can let users understanding of everyday knowledge, can be more knowledgeable, but if you want to guide the user to the hospital to have certain difficulty, unless you are doing the title of the party, or you are a professional software writers, so I do not recommend medical net friend to write like this.

also speaking guide article: what is the guide, guide the user through this article you can can’t help click on business, to consult a doctor, and the doctor told him that he desperately wanted to let yourself the question how to deal with, and then through the counselor slowly guide, the user possibility of hospital is great. In fact, this guide is the long tail keywords optimization, occupy a certain ranking in the search engine through the long tail keywords, and then guide the user to click in, such as "how to remove facial scar", "embedding eyelid surgery is how much the price?", the title is "

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