Huang Yalong Google the left side of the competition is increasingly fierce the right advertising

a few days after the observation of recent search on Google: "fake gucci bags" or "replica lV keywords handbag" containing "fake, replica, imitation+ brand name, you will find the right Google advertising auction has Not the least trace was found".

Google bidding ads banned imitation brand


previously, many copy brand merchants use search engine advertising have achieved good results, but due to the extraordinary factors of imitation brand exist, more and more Internet advertising service providers have to copy brand goods a stringent inspection. The most typical is the Google bidding advertising, refused to imitate brand advertising events. Search engine blocked key word for advertising, so do the promotion brings a big blow to the imitation brand foreign trade website promotion, many businesses chose Google SEO in the search engine when cornered! Website blocked key word advertisement, indeed for the imitation brand trade network station lost a marketing channel, so fake brand merchants to integrate all the marketing resources, to explore a more suitable imitation brand publicity channels, such as SEO website optimization promotion, one of them is the preferred way of publicity.

Google search engine optimization of foreign trade licensing website benefits:

1. low cost

through SEO technology to optimize the foreign trade website, also can send the imitation brand commodity information to optimize Google website, and in the home show, no matter how many times your visitors click on, do not need to pay any fees, relative Google advertising, the cost gap between the two is obviously.

2. publicity accurate

SEO can optimize the search engine page in the form of specific keywords. When a customer searches for keywords, most of them are your target customers or potential customers. Invisible increase in the licensing of foreign trade website information exposure, publicity effect can be comparable with the competitive advertising.

3. promotion time is long,

high quality SEO optimization technology, can promote your foreign trade website information in the search engine home position display, as long as 2~3 years. Compared with the duration of other advertising, SEO will promote your overseas promotion through high frequency publicity.

4. user experience is strong,

because SEO can be optimized in the form of specific keywords to search engine sites. Customers who use search engines also search for keywords in the form of keywords. The search information is more accurate, and is not the promotion of information on the client’s eye. So, from the psychological point of view of the client’s acceptance of advertising, use

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