How to design an end user oriented marketing page

As the most direct form of the Internet,

web pages are attracting more and more attention. With the development of web design history and the status quo, it is now advocated the user experience (User Experience) or product experience, as a passive acceptance of information browsing, "is one of the most effective is one of the most direct media. Therefore, in the continuous promotion of Web optimization and user experience today, we should study how to convey more information to the browser on the web page.

in the design of a web page, our designers often encounter a problem: the web design in Chinese as there is only during the period of ten years a new design, most of the designers can refer to the experience of pure graphic design experience, not too much to consider the attributes and characteristics of the web page itself to design, on the other hand, understand HTML code highlights CSS+DIV’s designers more pure love to open the angle speed from the page to consider, do not pay too much attention on the beautiful. We think a good web designer must be able to take care of these two points.

generally speaking, Huang Ling believes that web pages are divided into three categories: full dynamic (Flash) pages, semi dynamic pages (large Flash, Banner plus a few columns) and informational pages. In the design of these three different forms of the page, we should fully according to the characteristics of customers to design web pages.

in web design, Huang Ling view is stressed to seize the characteristics of customers to design, whether the product features or service features, designers should take the initiative to think how to design in order to impress customers, rather than merely to please customers. Only the design that touched the end consumer was the most successful design. Especially in the era of web design that lacks full industry experience and has no rules and bounds.

designer out ", most of them are directly facing the terminal consumers, customers have been changed and why designers sometimes toss about, feel very vexed, because a lot of time in the design of the designer is not thinking at the customer’s point of view to think about how to impress customers.

computer display screen plane "media – > active users, click on the instant interactive understanding the product / service > a favor / intention / transaction" this is where the web design context, its essence is to play a mediating role in communication media (in). Web design is different from ordinary graphic design, nor is it simple page collage, she is a new media (computer) on the new medium of communication. Simple static pages, FLASH DIV+CSS fast, shine, "the rich function, whether it is beautiful or ugly, is an international style or" wood louse "style, simple page or enterprise is introduced into a variety of complex system online website, everything is for the above 3 steps service, just look at your own skill to >

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