No search engine maybe we go further

, a new web site is ready, and that’s what’s going on. Perhaps many people will choose to rely on search engines to promote their own websites, it does have a good effect, the key problem is that we first built the station, the search engine can timely to record it, the answer is obviously, maybe some people will learn to search engine optimization ten days or even months. Time, which is called SEO, but you have not thought to fully grasp this knowledge is how not easy, not to mention just Jianzhan novice friends, even SEO in some professional words all don’t understand, not to mention how to use the SEO tool. Maybe you want to learn to learn, and believe that success is easier, because you believe that the network is more than that of knowledge, but you thought not, although the network is more than this knowledge, but in real school, and not fooled people a few, you may be picking up this also lost the final, or standing still, a waste of time and a waste of energy. So, what I want to say is that a particular period requires a specific approach.

below describes how to build a friend how to promote, and do simple analysis. Many methods are really useful and practical a commonplace talk of an old scholar, however, to note that the promotion of all to the need to use your website, which is the target population, otherwise it will toil with no gain:

1 tell someone you know.

2 do a good job on your website. Good content is the best way to promote.

3 send out leaflets. Offline publicity. To the newspaper classified information inside propaganda, the effect is more lasting.

4 links.

5 creates mailing lists. Foreign websites usually use this method. Again and again to remind Internet users, "you should come here to see."".

6 write out your own experience and write your website and send it to the internet. Your experience will always be useful to some people.

7 is submitted to the web site where you can submit the url. Don’t worry about success. Do the preliminary work well before you know the real answer.

8 links to other websites. Don’t skimp on your favorite web site.

9 leave your contact information. Maybe Internet users need to ask you directly.

10 clearly tell netizens your web site.

11 creates interest groups. Interacting with visitors on the web site.

12 makes things that only your web site has. Let Internet users in the dissemination of your station when a vanity, "this site only I know."!".

13 emphasizes Internet users’ messages. Except for mass messages.

14 lets netizens participate in the operation of the website come. Let Internet users produce a sense of achievement.


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