Sharing Directory station operators should pay more attention to users and participants

doesn’t know how many of the friends who see this article are in the operating directory station. From before the crazy copy HAO123 to now become calm, the development of industry directory site is striking one snag after another. Development to the present, the development of grassroots Adsense space seems to be getting smaller and smaller, in fact, put forward higher requirements for everyone. How to do directory station, rather than simply pure list site information, I believe that thinking about this problem, everyone’s directory site will rise a grade.

currently my site weight 4, daily traffic is fairly stable. See yourself in the circle, there are many friends, ask the site operation experience, I think I need to share my own experience. In fact, I am not a great God. I rely on the efforts of a ministry, so there are no shortcuts, only some honest running skills. If you believe me, please read on.

think about who the directory station is for.

Now the development of

directory station is indeed experiencing a bottleneck, it is relying on resources flow Poeticus products can often cut and keep a large part of our traffic. This means that some search requirements will not flow from the search port, the premise of our development is gone. In the face of this situation, whenever there is a responsible webmaster, have to think about change. But for the poor and blank grass-roots webmaster, without the resources to support us how to make our users really remember? This time you have to say about our little title on the content, now we have to pay attention to a user experience, your site again good, failed to impress the user is useless. As we said before, we need to let users remember us, so keep in mind that the end user of the directory is the user and create real value for the user. Therefore, for the usual review of the site, we should play twelve points, pay attention to, and effectively good quality. You can see this, everyone will laugh at me. The user will make an unnecessary move, don’t thank me, good website resources will be seriously affected. But I want to say, everyone in the fine now, the number of what is the use, can not really help users find the appropriate site, even tens of thousands of application site and can bring what? In addition to exhausted thoughts in the site quality, the value distribution of the overall site I is quite laborious. If you look at the site you will find the site in addition to the detailed division of the website, but also set up a Search Ranking, in order to make the search hotspot website users aware of the moment to get the equivalent of a content. On the interface, I will push some related articles for different columns, and try to make every user who comes to the website get the relevant content. Because I understand that the site can be different, but the user’s support is the foundation of our development, others will choose you, because you are more special than others, more valuable than others. When we complain about the low popularity of the website, can you ask yourself, "if you are a visitor, how do you expect this site to classify you and what kind of classification will be used, such as?"

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