Two year experience of vertical operation of industry segmentation

walnut business has been running for more than two years now, and in the course of the two years of operation, I personally have more or less small experience, or call it a small experience. Often look at other people’s articles, see webmaster friends of personal very good experience. Today, I also share my little experiences with my friends. Today, I hope that I can play a valuable role in the industry.

founded the forum, cause

with the development of the times, the progress of society. At this stage, with the increasing popularity of the network. The computer has been accompanied by a network into thousands of households, while the man playing walnut growers also seen on the network product sales dawn. But the vast majority of growers sell on the Internet only to Taobao and personal websites. Due to Taobao’s various operating restrictions and personal website and its low level of browsing, resulting in a sale of goods embarrassing situation, while businesses or growers of network sales confidence has been greatly hurt.

in view of the above circumstances, walnut ring ( according to the advantages of planting base came into being. In this forum, not only sales, but also a kind of equal exchange of warm environment. At the beginning of the forum, the exchange, fair and safe transactions were taken as the breakthrough point. A platform for the sale or communication of players for businesses or growers.

various activities online and offline enliven forum

walnut circle after nearly two years of operation has become a professional man playing walnut Forum Forum in the development process, and always adhere to the starting point of the first forum, equal exchange, fair trading. Now the forum has more than 60 thousand members of friends, the daily volume of over 1000 posts. The forum highlighted cultural based exchanges and made efforts to further develop walnut culture.

network, after all, is virtual, in order to achieve face-to-face real exchanges, we have organized live group activities, engage in nuclear friends exchange, made special promotions. Although there were not many people at the start of the event, or even only one or two friends for the first time, the impact of the photos on the forum was very strong. With many activities have been done, the "walnut ring forum" has had a very good reputation, but also get a good deal reputation. Appropriate to carry out essay activities, the original content of the forum has a very rich role in the search engine optimization also made no small contribution. Of course, in these activities will encounter such and such problems, there have been some things that are not good. But as long as the basis of the interests of members of the circle of friends on the basis of consideration, and always safeguard the interests of members, more is getting more powerful word-of-mouth publicity and reputation enhancement.

to learn from the experience of large sites for their own forum to create value, reputation

has gained the support of friends and is the biggest achievement of forum development. Friends here regard it as their home. Here, friends often discuss and communicate with each other in the process of playing walnut

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