Site navigation for the new way out of the boutique web directory


often appear in the cafe on the front page of hao123 was acquired by Baidu, and was 265 when the bright younger generation after the acquisition of Google, "the site navigation" on the network like bamboo shoots after a spring rain is replicated before! But remember, in the beginning of Chinese Internet, because the network search is not developed, leading to the urgent need a "directory" to "planning" messy network, to a more convenient view to find their needed information. Site navigation came into being at this time, giving most Internet users a very convenient surfing service. "Time makes heroes," web navigation became famous.

when web site navigation was copied a lot, it was found that other websites were easy to stand on, but far away from success. The new generation of "web navigation" is countless, but not really successful. Because of the publicity and promotion, became the site development in the way. Because it requires a lot of financial, human and material resources,


but now, we all know, the development of the station can only rely on a "special" word, since that very popular website navigation is difficult to comprehensive development, why don’t you go mainstream route, do a more specific "navigation"? Only navigation station we are more professional, more can improve user convenience in the browse professional information, we can better reflect the "navigation" itself value, it will form a "pyramid" type automatic propaganda in the invisible, are special user preferences of a special ten, ten to one hundred


is currently on the network, the professional "navigation" the competition is very small, the development of better, such as, his position is boutique website ", is not the kind of hao123 integrated navigation is a small hao123 a manual review added, the page is simple users log on, also do not like to enter the hao123, with only Sohu as everyone knows what Sina’s Web site, because the site has played its own network brand, as an ordinary Internet users, is not required by these ways to enter the well-known website. But just as a boutique web directory on the web site or webmaster often is a platform to display the user recommendation site, more similar to the one you favorites, so also won the Baidu and other search engines like, this is also the reason why the station did not only to January time, use Baidu Search "boutique website," the "Catalogue" and other words, my excellent web site directory can list out one of the reasons. As a comprehensive directory of a manual editing of the engine, while walking or synthetic route, but it is more for a fine words, the leading role of the domain name in front plus high weight said on the two day of the domain, the IP200+ I was overwhelmed by an unexpected favour.

again, a good website program can make the site work better, although the website directory program I selected can be found in many source stations

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