The old webmaster Guagua site experience

1. learns to hype

a qualified webmaster will not be short of topics on hand, because they will dig up the subject. Or that it is a classic case of pornographic, this event, if not we the webmaster speculation, the event may not be so serious, I also from this thing only to find a serious shortage of their own. Do Wangzhuan a friend told me that one day, can do the Firefox download, induced by pornographic! At that time, pornographic has come to an end, but still let me earn thousands of dollars. Using pornographic pictures, plus mosaics, combine the contents of the home page, and then guide them into the second page, the second page is a player interface (of course, is false). This interface will randomly appear online, and there will be loading screen, when loaded to 99%, jumped out of a dialog box: prompt: you did not install green browser -firefox, then how to induce, how to induce?. As for the traffic, I am using pornographic photos of the popular boot from the blog.

how do we usually tap into the topic? If you’re a station owner, you should read Sina’s news releases and entertainment pages every day. Because on that, you can probably know the direction of the country and the direction of the entertainment industry. Pornographic photos will never be the last scandal. Maybe you will say the direction of the country, do me p thing. So I tell you, the civil law is each must master the law can. Of course, this is not to encourage you to do something wrong, but an artistic conception.

when you think a topic can continue to develop for a period of time, not to try to stir him up, how to hype, but also related to the soft writing. The following will talk about: just some friends said, "pornographic door" is the hacker out, who made it out, close my P thing, I only know this event can bring me traffic.

2. don’t think too little money,

don’t refuse to execute because an action has less profit for you. Ma Yun said such a sentence: "you heard of selling lobster, rich, you heard of whaling fortune? Wealth is accumulated, as with knowledge, improve their execution, and your profits will be doubled.". A uusee is 1.5, 100 is 150 day, just use my method, a day at least 200. Don’t think our friends are very clever, color or other things when you are blindfolded when you jump into the toilet.

3. should be modest and communicate with the webmaster

actually, I SEO sciolistic, I do stand is interested in it, I don’t even know what to do is to be around the 1-3 keyword to run! A few days ago, a webmaster to teach me how to query the index, how to do web connection, and this opportunity is just a chance. I always put myself in the position of a beginner and listener. The stationmaster is a lone fighter! They all want us to talk to him!

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