Online business secrets reputation of the small network operators

who else doesn’t have the experience of shopping online? If you are, that means you’re a little out of touch with the fashion. The convenience and cost performance of online shopping has attracted countless consumers, and has created a large number of network operators.

"2007 Chinese e-businessmen Development Research Report" shows that the number of China’s network has grown to 30 million giant, however, in contrast to the large number, know how to use the network to do business and the real success of the network, accounted for 10%.

in order to stand out in many online stores, we must master the promotion of the Internet age. In order to let more successful owner in the network business, the reporter collects the successful promotion secrets, for open shop owners reference.

has a good name of a good "lot"

, for online stores that depend on the Internet address bar, the web site is like a lot. Have a long and difficult to remember long URLs, like hiding in the shop as neither Backstreet lane, selling to people, it is difficult to find the guest. Therefore, for online shop, a short, good memory, good communication domain name is very important.

in fact, many online shop owners have begun to realize this problem, with 1 yuan of almost zero cost to apply for CN domain name as their online shop entrance and signs. Combined with its own name, such as "I love mobile phone" (5is, Tiffany · (TFY; Fashion version of a similar name, so easy to word-of-mouth promotion, visitors can easily find the door.

let your name everywhere

on the Internet has a lot of good, and can not wait for others to find the door. Savvy "owner" should learn to use various channels to disseminate their online address:

makes good use of signature files. For example, left his shop. In the personalized signature QQ and M SN, behind every email text of Internet store address; you can also to the entire network community around, account signature in various sites of the BBS forum posted on the shop.

multiple links. You can exchange links with other owners, the best to choose their own products without direct competition with complementary properties, such as selling infant formula and link exchange alliance sells diapers, increase the chance to be accessed online.

alternative promotion. For example, printed in the target population at the distributed name card sales, let the shop spread wider; such as radio song way in the song the postscript plus "Welcome our shop TFY" such information is very clever.

creates a constant brand

operating software Mr. Sun in talking about their own experience, said, do shop more integrity, and establish a reputation brand, otherwise, it is difficult for long. With diamond credibility and no diamond credibility

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