Talk about what are the categories of advanced network operations

Dongsheng information "to build the Internet automatically make money machine" friends know

learning, the course of the last part devoted to the operating system, from three aspects to help enterprises to build the whole network marketing money machine automatic operation system. If you can have a general idea of network operations before then, you’ll get twice the result with half the time in class. Here’s a look at what network operations.

in a broad sense, all human interventions around the web site are called operations. So, to some extent, the Internet products company has only 3 business units: products, technologies, and operations. The concept of product operation is only possible =, your company or product is based on products, so it is not necessary to operate as a supplement, a lot of people out to do single demolition operations, so collectively referred to as the product operation.

‘s operations are divided into several categories: market operations, user operations, content operations, community operations, and business operations.

market operations: by means of Marketing, through spending money free way, a series of publicity, exposure, marketing and other means of intervention for products. See in a certain degree of money to hit the product, but the money and the market behavior is not equivalent, both non money market behavior, but also throw money other means of operation. This is the main means of operation is often some money away from the enterprise, because only close to the money, there is a complete profit model, will continue to expand investment in the market operation.

user operations: a human centric approach to operations, commonly seen in the UGC community, in a manner that is close to the user, unites users, and guides the user as a means of operation. You will find in the website operators and users are very willing to communicate, funny, chat, gossip, sometimes you don’t know this is the user or the official staff, in the early stage of a product, is very important and active use of their intervention operation personnel.

content operations: there are two ways, one is in the UGC community, the user generated high-quality content, through editing, integration, optimization and other ways of processing, and other means of communication. With this user operations are often complementary to do, for example, you in the know to answer a question, the answer is very exciting, know the students will answer you and others to answer in order, then micro-blog, daily, weekly and other means of communication, which is based on the contents of the heart in the operation.

community operators: the early years I put the community operation and user operations together with other people, but later found that this is actually a problem, because the UGC user oriented operation, and for the general consumer community content operation is two completely different types of work. So I took it out alone. Community operation refers to the consumer oriented community intervention activities, such as the station do an activity ah, ah.. ah draw vote, reprint some good articles to the community in the discussion are considered.. This kind of work is to play to the extreme in the community to fan the flames, leading.

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