Analysis of default data design for app

many product managers and operators in peacetime attention are often concentrated on how to better display the data and information in the interface terminal, and software engineers or programmers can interface in the app data showed that in some special circumstances, or in extreme cases, there is the extreme case originally app page is full the content, but when the user does not have relevant data at the same time, the corresponding page on the app should display is blank, in this case, the blank or missing data of app is presented to the user often lack of visual effects and have a negative impact on the user experience. Therefore, not only software engineers, product managers and operators should pay attention to all kinds of data display on app, including empty data, mainly in the following three aspects.

first, the default when users first use App. The first impression of each app to the user in the first loading or running is very important, especially when those without any use of a app product users, in their mind on this app is like a piece of paper, without any feeling, but if this is the first time the user curiosity download your app the app store, after registration and login, also do not know how to use this app, especially some special app, such as the social class of the app software for certain types of applications, just after successful registration login is without any user can chat with friends, if in this empty data. Not to the user guide, the user might leave immediately, and unload. So, in this case app, Mr. default data can be blank pages, through some emotional elements into the visual design to guide users to use app, which can make users more actively to use app, as shown below.


second default after the user has deleted all data. If we haven’t logged into a mailbox for a while, it’s not surprising that we often see a lot of unread messages in the inbox of the mailbox, or even pages that are unread. But people with same, will want to put these emails as read or reply as soon as possible, like a heart like little things, perhaps is the psychology of obsessive-compulsive disorder, in turn, if you app the data in the list is deleted, this time we should need to guide the user to create content, so the user will only have reason to use your app, there are a lot of foreign app in this case encourages users to create content. In contrast, personally think that the IOS design in this area is not very friendly, as shown below, IOS SMS inbox or email inbox display, if the data list is empty, shows a row of blank, this is not so friendly experience. Assuming it’s the IOS mobile phone user, I don’t know my mobile mail

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