How to do business in the off season to do business

said that although every store operation will have a peak seasons, even the off-season, there will be a season, however, due to the impact of domestic and international economic factors, the retail industry is now experiencing a mighty storm, so in the face of this strike, how should we deal with it? If you want to sit still, it can only be a dead end, with better change from passive to active, actively looking for a breakthrough, to attract customers from different angles, then let out of the supermarket.



holiday festival can attract customers, but after all, the festival is too small, but why can’t we make a holiday every day? At least you can create a kind of atmosphere ah, through the supermarket dress, you can let the supermarket a new look, so as to give customers a new feeling. For a long time, our customers have been the aesthetic fatigue of the supermarket, and when they see the new dress, they will be happy. I bought some lantern will supermarket doors and windows for a lot of decoration, a beautiful supermarket, on the other hand also made good publicity for these lights.

a customer can’t help coming in after seeing my colorful lights. He said: "it’s happy ah, I also come in with a little festivity." And I not only make these lights to enhance the grade of the supermarket goods, but also to make the atmosphere inside the supermarket becomes festive. I found through careful observation, when the customer shopping here, on the face was full of joy, a customer comes, this is really a good way to attract customers, through this initiative, we increased the number of supermarket customers, sales have greatly improved.

do a good job of promotional customers more than

promotion has always been a topic, has always been worthy of research and implementation, because the promotion can attract more customers. The so-called promotion is just the opportunity to give some feedback to the new and old customers only, this initiative is also a good time to improve their prestige and credibility of the supermarket, so I will not miss this opportunity every year. In the time to buy cigarettes, my practice is to buy a buy one to send activities, that is, when the customer shopping, according to the number of customers to buy a small gift.

customers will be very happy to receive gifts, which will attract a lot of customers. The most surprising thing is that I launched the purchase of goods to send prizes to attract a lot of customers. For those who often smoke to buy customers, I will give him a ticket while he purchased, this may be a prize. This also allows customers to have hope, looking forward to, even if it does not win the lottery does not matter, they have nothing to lose, but if the winning, it was a big surprise.

but other supermarkets do not have this activity, so you can let my supermarket >

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