ncreased experience sharing local forum quality content sources

do it now also has nearly 2 years of time, 2 years in career I have changed so much, whether it is life or career, also let me from a student to a social person, 2 years time to do a lot of website, basically is with the wind the site, there is a saying in group " my success can be replicated, " I should be a negative example of this sentence, the first is interested in, now do have from interest into my life for career goals, this year finally stabilized to steadfast to do the local site, in fact, until try to place but because there is no stick to waste, the next few years optimistic about the momentum of development of local website, currently operates a local forum in Cangzhou Bay has been for some time, summed up some operation Some personal experience and experience, in the promotion of not everything he knows, out today and everyone together to discuss, get the main talking about today is the content of local forum quality content.


is a popular website of the soul, then I think the website content is to store the soul of "treasure", only have the treasure quality when the container you can have enough energy to put enough soul is gathered popularity. Relatively speaking, the popularity of more fire more for your more high-quality content, if blindly copy and paste or the bulk of the collection will only put the "treasure" into junk-heap, may do a lot of standing friends will encounter the same problem, where the quality of local content find it so much I read? Just started when the Cangzhou forum and everyone have the same doubts, through a period of research and exploration finally found some methods and skills, you can go to the forum I see, there are more than 1000 posts, I am proud to say that the content is not a simple copy and paste the spam sites can be compared because of the high quality, the content as the basis also led to my site in the search engine’s weight is very high, if you want to know what I do, and I am pleased to .

first grasp the lifeline of live local news events, a local website facing user groups is only local users, this requires our website do not blindly pursue those big and complete content, give an example of your local accident killed a cat is also influenced by local users attention than America several people dead so, the main content of the forum is to a certain place and relevant local news or events, as for all content sources can buy a local newspaper scan is a very good original news, if your area is very small there is no traditional media like newspapers and TV, you can also go to the provincial website for local news, netizens are regional, we have to do more small delicate content to get local netizens.

second is the local forum deceitful Dafa, this method is a method I use, also should belong to a kind of technique of pseudo original, if every day only to find news in the local words one day I am afraid not.

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