Day retention Zhou Liucun month retention how can we allow more users to stay


why write this topic? I observed that now many APP practitioners are concerned about the channel and the channel quality of the user, but few people to consider LTV, mining the lifetime value of best quality users, we do not pay attention to. I hope this article will have a slight effect on reducing anxiety.

a APP and its users after meet, friendship and love, from the four stages. There is a risk of "separation" in every intimate contact, because the user is slightly dissatisfied, it is possible to uninstall APP. Today, for example, how to get more "falling in love" users, and try to delay the separation of time,


in fact, the retention rate is the most basic indicators of a user analysis in different stages of the life cycle, we can judge the day retention rate of new users will stay, by week retention rate to determine the conversion ratio of loyal users, by month retention rate to determine the product life cycle, thus the reasonable planning products, improve the value of the products.


of course, there are more advanced models for loyal user analysis, such as the RFM three degree model, the participation model, and so on. The usage of these advanced models will slowly be shared with you.

Step 1: play basic skills, let the user fall in love with you at first sight,

a good opening is 50% success. If a new user can get a good experience when using your APP for the first time, the possibility of staying will be great, that is to say, the day will be guaranteed. Look at the details of the first impression.

(1) brand recognition

since the emergence of the commodity economy, people are willing to pay for the brand. A purchase of iPhone consumers, compared to cottage consumers, more likely to form a brand two times repurchase.

The same is true of

wireless. In China, new users who know about them should be higher than quora. Do you know that domestic brands have more influence?.

(2) appearance style

UI is APP front. Its importance speaks for itself. I have always thought that the impact of the screen’s fineness on the user’s retention is also growing.

if a APP screen is fabricated, how can the user believe that the APP can bring value for himself?

(3) newbie boot

novice boot is the first and most difficult threshold for new users to transform into older users. Just right novice boot, can effectively improve the retention rate the next day.

takes games as an example. The novice boot design is too difficult or too simple, which can lead to user churn. A good beginner’s tutorial needs to reflect the basic gameplay of the game as well as show the game

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