Have you prepared for the site’s profit since the summer vacation

wrote this article is to let you see my website, evaluation of my model, so that I continue to have the power to do such a web site.

talent network now everywhere, large and small, like the economic crisis, we work hard to find, on the popular talent network, see many webmaster here describes how to promote talent network, then how to profit, but said that after many profitable webmaster. Do not say first? How to charge, think about how you do this in website why should people in your job here? What is your characteristics, there are so many talent network in each area, you have what advantage? Talent network is an industry station, why rely on little search traffic the engine will give you the money cannot be converted to

?Object oriented

talent network is looking for a job, looking for a job most people and college students, then we focused on college students, the conversion of thinking, you can earn more, here I am the profit model:

in the market economy era, everyone think of money, don’t forget that college students are people, every holiday, every holiday, even every weekend, every night there are students in knots out of work, what is it? When the job intermediary money is bright, ha ha, here is the campus everywhere intermediary the intermediary, but a new model

first, set up a website, here is through the innovation of the talent network, we went for the part-time students, so it should be named XX web, the website program I don’t recommend using Internet everywhere on the talent network program, the flood of things are not what value, moreover also is not suitable for the part of information released.

You have seen the

campus intermediary costs, is generally about 30~50, I saw a cow tutoring agency received 200, ha ha, a word, black, if "one yuan part-time" or "two part-time" suddenly appeared in the campus, you feel attractive to everyone’s eyes, etc. attention is attracted, there will be a lot of people come to consult, then explain in detail a part-time yuan us, we spent 50 yuan registered members of our site, we will provide 50 jobs in the second half of this year for you, it is a part-time job, huh, we then repeat with ordinary intermediary difference. For example, all recruitment information release, notice of registration, we are on the Internet, we open and transparent information such as specific information, I will not say more, you can go to my website Understand the details, then you have to go out and find jobs, our school year is 20 weeks, fifty times a week on average only 2~3 part-time to a university, generally located in the big city, a part-time job is more than our school on billboards everyday people, ran one or two times a week. Enough, because we are free recruitment information for businesses or manufacturers release, without any intermediary fee, every time I go to all of them happy Pidianpidian, many businesses.

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