How to enhance brand awareness and enhance user experience in picture station

first introduce myself, I am a deputy general manager of Shanghai science and technology company’s online marketing department, mainly responsible for the customer’s product network promotion project, but due to the recent global economic downturn, several large customers we have reduced advertising costs, reduce the workload. So my boss asked to launch some entertainment station to quickly drive the flow, the contents of no specific restrictions by me to arrange, the only requirement is to let the entertainment station do have brand awareness, to seek long-term development.

the first stage, we mainly launched the picture class website, in accordance with the weight, I am mainly responsible for my sister’s network promotion, to get this project, according to the category of the following plans:


page design: since it is a pure beauty picture stand, not the page design placed too much out of picture elements, 95% page design are currently in the picture, in addition to column navigation, subject name, Links must use words. In addition, the page should be simple and clean, allowing users to access the picture station at the first glance, you can find the pictures you want to see.

brand strategy: each site should establish their own brand, I think as entertainment station to let all the links directly to write their own name; another is the core in the website appeared their name and URL of the website, deepen user memory.

connection: should first consider the link to the site of the quality of the content, if it is directly out of even the pictures are not stored locally, because there is no original content website vitality is not long; secondly, also want to consider the page clean degree, if you open the links page is pop, or advertising content is more than this. You will only reduce intangible user retention rates. We add a lot of high quality website links to do when there is a core condition is to be connected to the "real name" friendship, reject those asked to write "beautiful picture", "beauty portrait" category name is the name of the site link.

content quality: because there are members who are responsible for updating the content, the quality is guaranteed to a great extent. Generally speaking, the updated beauty picture must be above 800X600, and the resolution of self timer and candid picture is above 400X300. Future standards will continue to improve, so that the clarity of the picture. In the content, the most important thing is that pictures must have watermarks, I believe I am right. No matter how perfect you are, note that you don’t want to destroy the details of the original picture, but no watermark will eventually cause your site to develop, and do not prohibit the picture’s chain in case of sufficient bandwidth.

: computer network bandwidth bandwidth abundant, 10-20M bandwidth sufficient to meet the general medium picture station demand, etc. after the web site on IP reached 50 thousand can be considered 100M exclusive, when your income should fully meet the bandwidth expenditure.

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