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PR full name PageRank, is commonly known as the "level, is a part of GOOGLE search ranking, a method is used to identify the page rank and the importance of Google, Google through the PageRank to adjust the results, so that the more level and the importance of the web page to get the other website ranking in the search results to enhance thus, to improve the relevance and quality of search results. How to improve the PR value of the site? I have done 2 websites, real money chess game and Ji’nan website optimization, in these 2 websites made a summary:

is the first to submit their own web site to the directory, which requires a period of time, if included, it can greatly improve the PR value of the site and the chain.

second soft Wen, write some original article, released to some PR value on the high web site, soft with its own web link.

third character signature, to some high flow or the PR value high site or forum character signature, signature with links to your web site.

fourth Links, Links to improve the PR value of the function of website, find some more than PR4 website Links can promote your website PR value of the increase, but do not suggest to get the black chain, black chain, although the effect is great, but the risk is big.

fourth goes to some jobs, posts some recruitment information online, and adds links to the content of the job to improve their exposure.

fifth by mass software, the use of software in a blog or sending messages to others in the space, adding their own website message content in this link, Baidu released the chain of thought is a kind of cheating behavior, when the mass must not overdo sth..

is an important symbol of the PR value of the weights of the website, it is very important to the website, improve website PR value is a long process, we must persevere, Baidu updated every 3 months, the PR value, so be sure to update your own website every day within 3 months, every day to do the above 5 requirements. The 3 months after the site will improve the PR value of the.

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