Why only four percent of webmaster success

traditional industry success rate is 20%, but the webmaster circle really successful only four percent, why is that so? I think the reason may be the following:

is not clear enough about the webmaster profession,

a lot of people entered the stationmaster industry by accident, in line to see a senior success experience, enthusiasm and then roll up sleeves on the start of the webmaster. However, senior success is paid the effort and sweat, and a lot of people in look at the time, only to see the predecessors only primary school education, feel that they are graduating from high school, better than their predecessors, who can be successful, will only see themselves more successful; predecessors spent three years later earning a bucket of gold, so think you will be earning gold after three years of fighting…… Senior’s success is to break out of their own, is to adhere to the results, the webmaster industry is more and more low threshold, more and more people into the relatively more competitive, think of their own web site has a lot of people have done, how can go beyond? What is the webmaster, you see a man in the street with dishevelled hair and a dirty face on the left hand, right hand bags of instant noodles, cigarettes, he could be a webmaster, webmaster from entering the industry, to the entry must have a process of experience and learning, and this process is very difficult, a lot of people are in the process of the fall, you ask yourself, maybe you are a college degree, but you the website can persist for three years without income, family and friends can endure misunderstanding? If you think that buy a domain name, buy a space, get some data to build a web site can make money if you don Don’t know what is the webmaster, you may be doomed not to stick to the failed because.

has no plans and doesn’t pay much attention to learning

there are some people, also know stationmaster bitterness, also in this industry at one or two years, but did not succeed, because although the owners know, although insisted, but insists there is no plan to get up in the morning, open the QQ, and Baidu SITE, and then go to the SITE website content update, a few days later find data or less, to the QQ group hysteria shouted, why my station is not included, expect to get some expert advice, scanty people may give directions, or even by the administrator to T out. Repeat the same thing every day happy and not exhausted, after the same must have the same effect, the operation of the site a bit of planning are not, but do not pay attention to learning, the problem solving for help, no one was shelved. All the webmaster is from 0 start, successful webmaster has planned for the promotion of the website, encountered problems, devote themselves to study, rather than blindly go to other people’s help. What kind of person do you belong to,


can not insist on flighty and impetuous

has already said before, not to say that a domain name, with space, install a CMS, collect data, just waiting for the money. The website can make money, but the premise is your website must be able to provide the real service for the user, many people’s website inside content stationmaster oneself all not >

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