Share my half year experience with you

Hello, ha ha! To Admin5 more than half a year, recall is too fast, the first half a year ago to do is because some communication and tells Admin5 webmaster, let me in a hurry, hastily put the rate of the first stand up, at that time I was so anxious too young, many things do not understand (a lot! Then feel know haha, everyone laughed), do not understand the promotion skills, do not know SEO outside the chain, do not know too many things. When the promotion is by friends constantly help in the Q group, video website, email and so on, shouting ah, good words (Saturday and Sunday), a more than 3000 IP, the effect is not good if one day even less than 1000, second days for IP 200 not to.

Every day,

says to himself, "persist and persist, but you are wrong.". Adhere to is right, if you insist on the direction that is not a big mistake, that sounds so simple, but doing it so difficult, concluded that only do not stop the practice, wrong, just like you want to start your archery as an arrow did not aim at the target, you slowly the arrows, then go ~ ~ your goal can be reached out, I feel alignment of this concept is the practice, summary, practice and summary. Ha ha, said so much, do not give everyone to see my first stop (is a SNS station), did not close, and first to friends to take care of.

just said a little bit of their own experience, listening to listen to, and feel bad, do not that ha ha. After the first station are summarized, and some experience, my new station next week will be on the line, do e-commerce, personal feeling, especially the student webmaster webmaster, do e-commerce station is the most cost-effective, because the traffic you may have made a business you will earn a sum of money if you do, the other station, may be hard half to flow, users look away, want to rely on advertising to make money, personal feeling of students can not afford or can not afford to consume. Forget about my new AD. China Mall, will soon be on the line, on the promotion of the station played a frame (only about SEO, share skills.). Feeling can also, the details will test, we try to figure out.

first, the website and the forum itself details and content perfect.

two, when filling in the content of the website, keyword and article content match already achieved SEO effect (pay attention to keyword density);

three, submit sitemap. (needless to say, everyone should be.)

four, updated every day (time) to achieve the search engine friendliness;

five, the outer chain (anti connect)

1> find the website exchange friendship connection (anti connection), this look at the station’s ability and technology;

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