Practical experience in enterprise building and optimization process

with the development of Internet, network information and get in by every opening into our life, this is our life also brings convenience, let us in real life but also to experience the virtual life direction, thanks to the market, appeared not poor site, as early as a few years ago, only to understand the general network person would have to do a website, and now is no longer the case, now there is a enterprise will do, released their products on the website, they released the announcement on everything.

The rapid development of

network, a lot of people perhaps information is on the Internet, the network transmission speed is amazing, you can become famous overnight, so many companies will grasp this opportunity, but many enterprises at present on the network is also understood to remain in one site level, I have contact many companies want to do, I ask them "what you do to them," most of the answers are "other companies have websites, I also get a website". Such thinking has a lot of enterprises are like that at present, there are some enterprises realize that the network can make money, and a lot of orders, to see how you do, right, absolutely right, ready to do a lot of orders, than you in the real market to distribute leaflets, to advertise the effect is much better. Therefore, for those who are planning to site entrepreneurs, you must make the site to make money things, not just a display, nothing in the name of things put there, both waste of money, but also a waste of resources.

I often receive a station to do business list, of course I am not responsible for the site procedures, I do SEO, just some small modification to the program, set the title, keywords, and to describe these aspects in this process has accumulated some experience, many enterprises make up the station I was for example, Fullerton network, it is Mianyang area a life information website, you can go to Baidu search rankings. In fact, do rankings, especially enterprise rankings, for colleagues should be the most simple, the reason is simple, because with regional nature, very simple reason, for example, you do wedding word. The scope of the wedding is great, but if you are doing regional food, because the enterprise is generally useful for local information. The wedding of such companies is not possible to go outside, because of this, when to do so in the area for the title, such as the Mianyang wedding, Beijing wedding and so on these words, with the nature of the word area should be very good to do, at least not so intense competition, if you do not agree with this point. If so, maybe my level is relatively low, but I was in such a way to make up some big words.

in fact, enterprises in the process of building the station, the most important thing is to pinpoint the positioning, the process of positioning is not correct, you do a long time optimization is also can not do. If your business is a domestic company, do you think SEO is too slow?. You can do the promotion, after all, you are a big business

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