My website promotion experience my summary of this period of time

first, after I finish this website after, this is second months, two months and we talk about my grades, if I do good will humbly learn from you, I do not want to give us a good reference for the current world ranking! The 1590240 engine, all included detailed information, not to say, you must know how to query, query to know!


my site Mars media, the operation of two months, but the domain name for 2 years, there has been talk of not doing now is just beginning, when the site just build a little eyebrow to when we should first of all to the search engine submission, I soon included, think there are two reasons 1, the domain name has been the major search engines but also not included, only later do, not included, this re do it naturally soon included. The 2 is that I feel, is the site of my silly not to do not do optimization cheating on old things to do their own website with good content summary is not good!! you will forgive me, after the submission of the search engine has brought some weight, then find something Links is inevitable, I don’t find a few but are found that relatively good site exchange, and do not be K connection, you do your K engine. Find friendship connection started to mobilize the surrounding friends fooled them to help you promotion website Oh, I find a lot of people in the family, colleagues, friends and so on is to help you, not to help promote the ink to make them help to promote heyhey, then there is posted on the forums, I at the 3 forum often go inside chat, not advertising, just put the individuality signature written on my website, you will see the last love, is a little card printed promotional site, only to the useful people, such as Internet cafes to avoid slow road recklessly!!! The other can’t think up, etc. up in the

and to share with you!A little experience

above is my promotion website, you must do what do not cheat, I was determined not to cheat, the only people really love my website often, it is good. Write this, if you want to help, thank you I can support my website Mars media, if not to help you you only see a joke, here you are!


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