Since the media realized you should think about the problem

from the media will be faced with a realizable problem, a lot of people from the media wrote a long article, fans are getting a lot, but it is impossible to make money. A month of hard earned a reward and the main flow that thousands of pieces, more difficult to have not opened the main flow without reward, almost no income, if there is no other income, do not know how to go.

In fact,

fans but no income is because you haven’t found your own business model, because many media are more cherish their public, not willing to help people send some naked advertising. But there is no resources to do some other advertising, in addition, training does not want to do, electricity providers do not have the ability to do. Therefore, there will be a difficult cash flow dilemma.

I found some people from the media, super able to write. For example, some media accounts from my side I found these super master can write, almost every day a original, every day must update aimlessly anyway, have to talk about everyday. However, for more than 1 years, the amount of reading every day is hundreds of, even have not earned money, and also teach others how to do from the media every day. Many people do not understand the same thing, that is, since the media does not need to write original articles every day, but need to make their own value. If you love someone without the content, do not feel your value, you can only be as to write the log, not what their eggs, if the play, let alone what business model.

to tell the truth, I want to write a high-quality article every day, I certainly can not do, because this is the need to continue learning and precipitation, in order to write high-quality articles. If your daily thoughts are spent on writing, you will certainly reduce your time to practice or to get more knowledge. If you need to find a different topic every day or dry goods, which is easy, in fact, a self written media 2 months later, the precipitation of knowledge is basically hollowed out. And you insist on a person to write down, you can only write some trivial things. Some well-known content from the media, in fact, there is a team to do, and their editorial team is also very hard to force. Relying on individuals to create quality content every day is really not something many people can do.

actually, I’m not from the media, and I don’t see myself as a self media. I just sometimes share some experience for everyone. Last year, I have a number of months of persistence, about more than 20 thousand fans, and then busy work, and stopped for some time, and later found that the individual number can not be certified, simply re registered a certified. That number later let the company’s people maintained, in fact, half a year without maintenance, fan activity is very poor, and no how the tube. I now this is actually a new number, opened more than 2 months, but busy work intermittently, only released about 10 articles, fans are not empty. In fact, I now this "mutual God of wealth" public number is only more than 2000 fans only, but this public number this month to help me earn nearly 100 thousand. I’m >

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