Online recruitment Adsense let me dumbfounding

has been eager to build a website these days, because after a little publicity, the site intends to meet the audience directly to find QQ,

even after a bit, it is a very funny joke

I completely do not understand the site, just want to find people, I sent two posts

there is a way to cooperate, because I see a lot of people doing nothing, when confused, there should be people willing to try cooperation.

, somebody is looking for it. The first one, the technical difference, I do not know at the beginning, and second conversations later, only to know that the first one has enthusiasm, but the operation ability is a bit lacking. Second things are very active, talked about fifth days later, they have a forum out, and put in space.

But the

layout is not what I want, I spent a lot of time and communication, considering that everyone is a future partner. I also need to practise the way with partner communication skills. But slowly, the second one is missing. He looks good and knows at least something new.


my website structure and mode of operation more clear, so I rush to the site to do it, so I took the time to find another, which I have not given up second, because we have a good chat, and it looks like he is a go getter, this is the type I admire., but also did not expect a say do not do people. Ha ha,

third, I want to pay a little money in the past, the price is not much, 100 deposit, I went downstairs in the evening 200, because the deposit as long as 100 of the people, I feel very real, so pay a little more. He told me to show me the layout in three days. Five days later, that is, today, I want him to give me a time plan, he told me not to do, there are other cases, I waited five days after the white, it is actually such a result. "Poor," I told him. "If the website does well, I’ll double his offer.". He’s only 2000.

, I really want to curse people, think about it, call him a waste of cells, I also smiled, told him that there is time to return the deposit is good. He said he would transfer it to me when the Internet was a bit faster. I am not going to be the 200 fastest bother. It doesn’t matter whether you retire or not.

sees a lot of websites that claim to be able to make websites on the Internet, the three met unexpectedly is such:

1. technology is not through, I do not know SNS.

2. can’t accept other people’s opinions. Website operations need to be coordinated with promotional campaigns and destination groups.

3. is basically a flicker, do something to have a plan, can not rashly promise others, and then can not explain.

I still think the three are good. Just sigh, if this is the attitude and way of doing things, how to achieve their goals and ideals?.

, there’s a big crowd calling for Entrepreneurship

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